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Sergio Caltagirone

Vice President of Threat Intelligence

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What are you doing to safeguard civilization?
In 2016, I joined Dragos to start the world’s only dedicated ICS threat intelligence team focused on uncovering cyber threats to ICS. I launched Dragos WorldView in early 2017 delivering threat intelligence on ICS threats to asset owners and operators worldwide.
  • Hacker Tracking
  • Threat Intelligence Analysis

Sergio Caltagirone is committed to tracking down hackers and safeguarding civilization. In 9 years with the US Government and 3 years at Microsoft, Sergio has hunted the most sophisticated targeted threats in the world, applying intelligence to protect billions of users while safeguarding civilization through the protection of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. He co-created the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis, helping thousands of others bring more pain to adversaries by strengthening hunters and analysts. He also serves as the Technical Director of the Global Emancipation Network, a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), leading a world-class, all-volunteer team dedicated to ending human trafficking and rescuing victims through data science and analytics, saving tens of millions of lives.

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