Neighborhood Keeper


Neighborhood Keeper is a collaborative threat detection and intelligence program, led by Dragos in partnership with the DOE, that makes ICS threat analytics and data accessible to the greater ICS community. Its initial participants include: Dragos, Ameren, First Energy, Department of Energy’s Idaho National Labs, North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center, and Southern Company.

Neighborhood Keeper will serve smaller providers who lack sufficient resources to buy and manage advanced security technologies, giving them access to collaborative ICS data at near-real-time and providing them immediate insight into the ICS threat landscape without revealing sensitive data.

Infrastructure asset owners and operators interested in joining the program, please register your interest.

Neighborhood Keeper Participation

Who Can Participate?

  • Smaller infrastructure providers, including co-ops and municipality utilities
  • Dragos Platform customers who opt-in

Neighborhood Keeper Goals

What are the goals?

  • Share ICS insights and response procedures
  • Gain insight into the ICS threat landscape
  • Enhance the overall threat picture for all participants


Neighorhood Keeper Timeline

What is the timeline?

  • Over the next two years, Neighborhood Keeper participants will research and develop a secure sharing infrastructure, while creating and testing the value of insights from threat analytics


How it Works

As part of Neighborhood Keeper, the Dragos ICS threat detection and response platform is deployed in participants’ sites. It is a cost-effective option for smaller providers to passively monitor ICS networks, identify ICS assets, and share threat analytics to all Neighborhood Keeper participants without releasing any personal, sensitive, or identifiable data.