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Neighborhood Keeper

Collaborative asset identification, threat detection, and collective defense

Neighborhood Keeper is led by Dragos in partnership with the Department of Energy and makes ICS visibility & cyber threat analytics accessible to the greater ICS community.

Neighborhood Keeper is a collective defense and community-wide visibility solution that provides a more effective industrial cyber defense by sharing threat intelligence at machine-speed across industries and geographic regions. By participating, each organization’s defensive capability is made stronger than what they can achieve on their own.

Neighborhood Keeper is a free, opt-in, anonymized information-sharing network available to all Dragos Platform customers such as those in the electric, water, and oil and gas community. The Dragos Platform is a high-fidelity sensor-based (network layer) continuous network monitoring cybersecurity capability for OT/ICS. The Neighborhood Keeper technology is an opt-in on top of the Dragos Platform capable of detecting supply chain risks and equipment, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats that need to be identified and remediated, acting as a sort of collective defense while enabling trusted industry and government partners to leverage the system as a cyber national broadcasting service. All this is done while ensuring the identities of participants are technologically irreversible from the data to allow anonymous and secure sharing.

Infrastructure asset owners and operators interested in learning more about Neighborhood Keeper, please contact Dragos using the link below.


Neighborhood Keeper Participant Benefits

Anonymous, non-sensitive data and intelligence sharing
Share ICS insights and response procedures
Gain insight into the ICS threat landscape
Enhance the overall threat picture for all participants
Identify and monitor supply chain cyber risks once deployed
Enable direct communication to participants from partners such as Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC)

Having a foundational system that can analyze OT data, get the insights safely to the government, and ultimately get it into the hands of the intelligence community […] is really going to expedite the electric sector’s defensive posture. The investor-owned community is proposing to use Dragos’s Neighborhood Keeper offering as a key component of the effort to get an industry-wide focus on industrial control systems and operational technology. A majority of investor-owned utilities that service 70% of the U.S. population have signed up for Neighborhood Keeper

Bill Fehrman
CEO , Berkshire Hathaway Energy

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Three of the utilities industry’s top experts in cybersecurity explain the importance of the industry working together to share threat information in real time at “machine speed.”
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See How Neighborhood Keeper Works

Download this infographic to gain an understanding of how Dragos Platform customers learn of new, real-world cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and supply chain issues by participating in Neighborhood Keeper.

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Join Dragos Neighborhood Keeper and become a key part of the collective defense of the world's industrial infrastructure.