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Investigation & Response

Investigation & Response: The Dragos Platform Difference

Case Management Tools for Effective and Efficient Investigations

What are Investigation Playbooks?

Investigation playbooks are a unique-to-Dragos approach. They are custom-authored by our threat operations team and include step-by-step guidance to help defenders start down the correct (and efficient) path to investigate potential threats.

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Query Focused Datasets

What are Query-focused Datasets?

Query-focused datasets (QFDs) are pared down datasets that enable analysts to prove or disprove a given hypothesis quickly and reduce the overall time analysts spend triaging suspicious activity.

Dragos’ Case Management Tools Streamline Investigations to:

  • Reduce operational downtime during active intrusions
  • Decrease response and recovery times during incidents 
  • Reduce adversary dwell time on ICS networks
  • Transfer our team’s knowledge to local security teams 

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