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Meet the Experts

We work hard for you. play hard for us. safeguard the world's most critical infrastructure. safeguard civilization.

We’ve centralized the world’s top ICS cybersecurity talent to ensure we can serve as an ally to those defending the world’s infrastructure. Together, as a global team, we safeguard civilization.

Dragos by the Numbers
baby in Dragos onesie
guinea pig
79% of Dragos Employees own a pet (guinea pig included)
13 languages spoken
20 gallons of beer brewed per week
travel gaming cooking
boxing climbing gardening
golf motorbike music
Over 50 different hobbies
(our favorites are sports and seeing the world!)
World Economic Forum badge
Volunteering at food bank

Meet the Experts

Our Executives
robert m lee, ceo of dragos black and white headshot
Robert M. Lee
Chief Executive Officer
justin cavinee of dragos
Justin Cavinee
Chief Data Scientist
jon lavender bw headshot
Jon Lavender
Chief Technology Officer
Jill Filipiak of Dragos Headshot
Jill Filipiak
Executive Administrator
Kurt Gaudette, Vice President of Global Threat Intelligence Dragos 
 Kurt Gaudette
Vice President of Intelligence and Services
Ben Miller Dragos black and white headshot
Ben Miller
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
darren sankbeil bw headshot
Darren Sankbeil
Chief Financial Officer
A black and white headshot of Jodi Schatz, the VP of Engineering at Dragos
Jodi Schatz
Chief Product Officer
peter vescuso bw headshot
Peter Vescuso
Chief Marketing Officer
Betsy Guarnieri Headshot
Betsy Guarnieri
General Counsel
Black and white headshot of Rick Kramer. Rick Kramer is Dragos’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Rick Kramer
Chief Revenue Officer
Black and white photo of Angela Crossman. Angela Crossman is Dragos’s Chief People Officer (CPO).
Angela Crossman
Chief People Officer (CPO)
Our Board
Robert M. Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Joydeep Bhattacharyya
Board Member
Dmitri Alperovitch
Board Member
Bob Ackerman
Board Member
Sameer Reddy
Board Member
Byron Knight
Board Member
Jon Lavender
Chief Technology Officer
Bill Fehrman
Board Member
Ekta Singh-Bushell
Board Member
Our Advisory Board
Phil Jones
Advisory Board Member
Jeff Williams
Advisory Board Member
Tom Lounibos
Advisory Board Member
Ambika Gadre
Advisory Board Member
Tom Gillis
Advisory Board Member

Ready to help us safeguard civilization?