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Dragos Industrial Security Conference 2022

Join us on November 5, 2022, for expert research on ICS threats, malware, incidents, and vulnerabilities.


Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 5, 2022, for the next Dragos Industrial Security Conference.

Hear ICS research on threats, malware, incidents, and vulnerabilities conducted by our intelligence and threat operations teams. The program is technical, research-oriented, and contains actionable advice based on lessons from the field.

This exclusive content is presented as a day-long series of presentations and won’t be publicly available.


Industrial infrastructure asset owners or operators in electric, oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, transportation, water, and mining industries, among others.

Dragos Alumni are welcome and encouraged to join us at DISC.


  • Learn about current ICS specific cyber threats in a non-recorded, closed-door atmosphere
  • See the latest in ICS security controls, assessment methodologies, and best practices
  • Identify recent ICS vulnerabilities and how to leverage them correctly
  • Network with fellow asset owners and operators as well as Dragos customers and partners
  • Experience a technical, practitioner, and case-study focused view of ICS threat operations
  • Gain insights into ICS incident response case studies and lessons learned


November 5, 2022 (Yes – it’s Saturday!)


100% free as a thank you to the ICS asset owner and operator community.


Watch Dragos CEO Robert M. Lee’s recap of the 2019 Dragos Industrial Security Conference.

DISC Australia 2022

Join Robert Lee, Dragos CEO and the Australian team on Tuesday 29 November in Brisbane.