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The 2023 OT Cybersecurity Report is here – your blueprint to OT cyber resilience.

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Industrial Cybersecurity for OT Environments​

The most effective OT cybersecurity platform, codifying threat intelligence and insights from the industry's largest team of ICS/OT practitioners.

Discover Why Dragos


Visibility, Detection, and Response for OT Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

The Dragos Platform gives you visibility into your ICS/OT assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and response actions, and supports you with forensics and OT-specific playbooks.

In-Depth Asset Visibility

The Dragos Platform analyzes multiple data sources including protocols, network traffic, data historians, host logs, asset characterizations, and anomalies to provide unmatched visibility of your ICS/OT environment.

Unrivaled Threat Detection

Based on the industry’s best threat intelligence, pinpoint malicious activity on your ICS/OT network, providing in-depth context for alerts, and reducing false positives for unparalleled threat detection.

Dragos Platform

OT Expertise Codified

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

The only ICS/OT solution that provides corrected, prioritized guidance with full lifecycle vulnerability management, tracking historical disposition through automated collection & analysis.

Investigation and Response

Expert-authored playbooks to guide your security team step-by-step throughout investigations, decreasing response time and improving the efficiency of your team’s workflow.

Your Path to Industrial Cybersecurity

Secure Your Digital Transformation

Successfully transform your business and keep your operational technology (OT) environments secure.

Abstract background with the movement of luminous particles. Secure Digital technology.

Industrial Cyber Risk Management

Assess your industrial cyber risk and confidently respond to cyber incidents.

Digital binary data and electronic circuit board representing industry technology; Cyber security risk concept abstract background

Ensure ICS/OT Cybersecurity Compliance

Create simplified, repeatable processes to meet audit and compliance requirements faster and more accurately.

cybersecurity compliance; Abstract technology concept background with dots in space 3d illustration

Solve Your Challenges

Start My OT Cybersecurity Program

Are you ready to get your OT cybersecurity challenges under control? We are here to help you take the next step.

Close-Up Shot of Fully Operational Server Racks in Data Center. Modern Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Database, Super Computer Technology Concept.

Improve Visibility of My OT Assets

You can’t protect what you can’t see. A successful OT security posture maintains an inventory of assets, maps vulnerabilities against those assets, and actively monitors traffic for potential threats.

Futuristic motion graphic user interface head up display screen with Holographic Earth and digital data telemetry information display for digital background computer desktop display screen

Defend Against Ransomware in OT

OT networks can be directly impacted when ransomware cripples IT. Know what you can do to better protect against this increasing threat.

lock control panel of nuclear power plant operates on a backup power supply during an accident simulation

Understand the Global Threat Landscape

Dragos Worldview Threat Intelligence provides the proactive information you need to stay ahead of sophisticated industrial cybersecurity threats.

Leverage MITRE ATT&CK for ICS

See how defenders can operationalize MITRE ATT&CK for ICS with the Dragos Platform and Worldview Threat Intelligence.

ICS control panel

The Leader in Industrial Cybersecurity

Dragos has unmatched experience securing industrial assets across vertical industries.
chemical refinery plant
Protect the operational technology that helps run chemical production facilities and the valuable intellectual property regarding chemical formulas from a potential cyber attack.
clean energy concept, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines in t
Take a proactive, holistic approach to protect the full spectrum of operations and defend your critical electric infrastructure.
Beverage factory interior. Conveyor with bottles for juice or water. Equipments
Food & Bev
Food & Bev
Benefit from in-depth visibility of assets and threats in your environment, along with playbooks to guide analysts step-by-step as they investigate potential incidents.
Chemical plant for production and manufacturing of ammonia and nitrogen fertilization at night time.
Analyze the entire spectrum of manufacturing production inputs from support systems, quality control systems, material handling technologies, and automation/control technologies.
aerial shot of a person climbing down an oil rig
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Combine OT threat intelligence, professional services, and the most effective and efficient ICS cybersecurity technology to enhance visibility, detection, and response capabilities in oil and gas environments.
Pharmaceutical Optical Ampoule / Vial Inspection Machine. 3d illustration
Analyze the entire OT spectrum—including systems for processing, quality control, enterprise resource planning, and other critical operations
Aerial top view of container cargo ship in the export and import business and logistics international goods in urban city.
Understand supply chain vulnerabilities, IT to OT convergence, and manage network asset inventory in order to systematically reduce cyber risk.
Aerial panoramic view of concrete Dam at reservoir with flowing water, hydroelectricity power station, drone shot
Protect community water & wastewater systems by preventing significant breaches with proactive defense.

We Understand Industrial Adversaries Better Than Anyone — So You Can Too

Our experts are the leading authorities in ICS/OT cybersecurity, with real-world experience with landmark attacks on OT networks.

Jodi Schatz

Chief Product Officer

Jon Lavender

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product

Ben Miller

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Kurt Gaudette

Vice President of Intelligence and Services

Angela Crossman

Chief People Officer

Rick Kramer

Chief Revenue Officer

Robert M. Lee

Chief Executive Officer

What Dragos Customers Say

“We are convinced that Dragos has significantly helped us increase our overall security posture – as well as our ability to provide the best service possible to our customers. We couldn’t ask for anything better.”
Joe Reilly,
Director of Operational Technology, OUC
“The Dragos OT Watch team, enabled by Dragos Platform technology, provides a level of visibility into our assets and threats that we did not have the expertise nor the bandwidth to do on our own.”
Doug Short,
CIO & CISO Trinity River Authority of Texas
“We immediately saw value as the Dragos Platform showed us in detail what was running on all the networks.
Wind Farm Operator
“What’s been helpful with Dragos is not just the technology, but the expertise that they bring to the table. Koch can now identify ICS/OT threats, rapidly pinpoint malicious behavior on their ICS/OT networks, provide an in-depth context of alerts, and reduce false positive alerts for complete threat detection.”
Gabe Green
CISO, Koch Industries
“We were initially focused on anomaly detection software and originally thought that we would benefit from the ability to see and react to alerts. But we quickly realized that the majority of those solutions just weren’t as mature as we needed. This awareness led us to consider OT visibility platforms in general, and the conversation pretty much started and stopped with Dragos.”
Electric and Water Utility
“With the visibility provided by the Dragos Platform, automated monitoring capabilities alert the security team to potentially malicious behavior between assets and communications, so they can rapidly investigate and respond before attackers can progress. Oil and Gas”
Oil and Gas

Working together with partners to protect you

Take the next steps in your industrial cybersecurity journey.

No matter where you are on your ICS/OT cybersecurity journey, we have the products and services you need. Let us help get you on the path to success.