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Jon Lavender

Chief Technology Officer

jon lavender bw headshot

Jon Lavender is the Chief Technology Officer of the critical infrastructure cybersecurity company, Dragos, Inc. In this role he is responsible for aligning the company’s product strategy with the overall business strategy, as well as ensuring the product offerings meet the needs of our customers. In addition to the product responsibilities, he is a champion for the technology decisions made across the company for both products and corporate solutions.

Previously, Jon was a member of the National Security Agency where he led diverse teams in challenging environments experiencing both red and blue team type operations. Notably, he was lead of a hand-selected team tasked with developing analytics, tools, and best practices for identifying national-level cyber adversaries breaking into U.S. government and infrastructure networks. There he managed and built relationships with key partners around the U.S. Intelligence Community and its allied partners. Jon received his bachelors in Management Information Systems from Wake Forest School of Business and later his Masters in Cyber Security from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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