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Threat Detection

Threat Detection: The Dragos Platform Difference

Rapid, accurate detection of malicious ICS behavior

What Are Threat Behavior Analytics?

Characterizations of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that rapidly pinpoint malicious behavior, provide context-rich alerts and notifications, and are tied with investigation playbooks to help analysts respond to threats efficiently

Detection Dashboard

Why Are Threat Behavior Analytics Most Effective for Threat Detection?

Unlike solely anomaly-based threat detection methods, threat behavior analytics reduce the number of notifications analysts receive, decrease false positives, and provide context-rich insight of threats for faster response times

Threat Behavior Analytics Benefits

  • Reduced ongoing costs than anomaly-based detection methods
  • Faster response times during cyber incidents
  • Reduced mean time to respond to threats
  • Rapid discovery of threats
Dragos Platform Datasheet

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