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Industrial Cybersecurity in the

Only 60% of U.S. Public Transit agencies reported having a documented cybersecurity readiness program in place.

Transportation systems are critical to modern civilization, moving the raw materials, the finished goods, and the people that make modern life possible. The advancement and integrated use of operational technologies within the rail and maritime shipping industries has enhanced the efficiency and safety of transport systems, such as Positive Train Control (PTC), Ship Control (SC), or critical Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. It has also increased the cyber attack surface exponentially. Dragos’ unique approach assists customers in understanding supply chain vulnerabilities, IT to OT convergence, and managing network asset inventory in order to systematically reduce cyber risk.
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Visualize, Detect, and Respond to Threats Against Your Transportation Systems

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Monitor the integrity of safety-critical operations and protection of passengers and critical cargo — all in one place.

The Dragos Platform utilizes deep packet inspection to give operators a complete picture of all connected OT equipment and network communications from vendors like General Electric, Siemens Mobility, and Wabtec. Your team will immediately benefit from in-depth visibility of assets and threats in your environment, along with playbooks to guide analysts step-by-step as they investigate potential incidents.


Gain in-depth knowledge of threats targeting your operational environment.

Every day, people and materials flow through a massively complex, public/private, interconnected – and increasingly automated – network of vehicles and transport systems. This expanded attack surface makes it increasingly subject to the challenges of cyber risk. Our world-class Threat Intelligence team distills adversary behaviors, tactics, techniques, and procedures into regular reports, so you can stay one step ahead of threats they pose to your operations.

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Prevent Significant Breaches with Proactive Defenses.

Dragos’ cybersecurity services help security and operations teams prepare for and respond to significant threats no matter where you’re at in your journey. Our team will work with your staff on assessments, threat hunting, penetration testing, tabletop exercises, incident response, and training – either on-site or remotely.


Where Dragos differentiates from many [competitors] is in the ICS-focused expertise of its team, reflected in its intelligence-centric approach, where its deep and detailed knowledge of the specifics of the ICS threat landscape are borne out of experience.

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Defend yourself against sophisticated adversaries targeting Transportation Systems

Dragos’ Threat Intelligence team is always on the lookout for new Threat Activity Groups that pose a threat to your IT and OT environments. Learn how to defend yourself against them with our free reports.

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since 2021
Watering-hole and phishing leading to ICS recon and screenshot collection
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since 2023
Watering-hole and phishing leading to ICS recon and screenshot collection
Vanadinite adversary group trading card from Dragos
since 2019
IT compromise and information gathering
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since 2016
Deep ICS environment information gathering, operator credentials, industrial process details

Cyber threats don’t wait _

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