Dragos Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

Dragos Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

Know What Assets You Have, What Threats You Face, and How to Respond

The Dragos Platform is industrial cybersecurity software codified by ICS practitioners that passively identifies ICS network assets, pinpoints malicious activity, and provides step-by-step guidance to investigate incidents and respond.

Understand Your Environment

Dragos Asset Identification

Pinpoint Threats

Dragos Threat Analytics

Respond with Confidence

Dragos Investigation Playbooks

Technology to Visualize, Detect, and Respond to Threats

The Dragos Platform passively identifies ICS assets and communications, detects threats through threat analytics, and provides security teams with guided investigation and response.

Dragos Ruggedized Sensor

Dragos’ hardened industrial computer, by Schweitzer Engineering Labs, withstands harsh environments longer than typical industrial PCs and provides comprehensive, passive data collection across various locations

Dragos Platform Deployment

Combines the functionality of an OT security incident and event management system, network detection and anomaly system, and incident response platform with the experience and intelligence of the Dragos team without a “bake-in” period.

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