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World-renowned cybersecurity products require the industry’s largest team of ICS practitioners to back it up.

Ready to work for a mission that can save the world?

Dragos employs the world’s most experienced Industrial Cybersecurity experts who have unmatched global threat hunting prowess. But, just because we’re on a mission to protect modern civilization’s critical infrastructure, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our time saving the world. We’re on the lookout for hardworking, fun-loving, small-ego, and big-brained people who understand the balance of our culture and camaraderie and our unwavering mission to safeguard civilization.

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Product Team


Engineering Team

Deep Packet

Intel Team


Services Team


Human Resources Team

Legal Team

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Finance Team

In order to ensure that we have the talent to fulfill on our mission to, “Safeguard Civilization,” we offer employees the opportunity to learn, grow and develop professionally at a mission-driven company with a culture of mutual trust and transparency. We are tremendously proud that our employees have recognized this through their response to Inc.’s 2020 Best Workplace survey.

Do you have what it takes to safeguard civilization? 

Not everyone is fit to be on the frontlines of industrial cyber attacks. We’re looking for the select few who embody our mission.  

Agile and flexible mindset

A true passion for saving lives 

Start-up mentality 

Comfortable working in an ever-changing environment

Dragos Perks 

Full Benefits




Competitive Compensation

Remote Working Options

Pet-Friendly Options

In-house Brewery

“Working at Dragos is the perfect balance of mission-focused work and extraordinary connections with other ICS experts.”

Peter Vescuso, VP of Marketing

Are you ready to work for a mission?