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Threat Intelligence

Proactive information you need to stay ahead of sophisticated industrial cybersecurity threats

Backed by the industry’s largest and most experienced team of industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity practitioners, Dragos WorldView threat intelligence arms your organization with in-depth visibility of threats targeting industrial environments globally and the tried-and-true defensive recommendations to combat them. WorldView threat intelligence is an annual subscription service, providing access to regular reporting, critical alerts, executive insights, webinars, and more.

Access our expert insights from hunting and responding to the world's most significant ICS threats

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Key takeaways icon
Key takeaways
The most important findings, action items, and recommendations
Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)  icon
Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
Forensic evidence to help identify malicious behavior
Detailed breakdown of adversary behavior icon
Detailed breakdown of adversary behavior
Malicious tactics, techniques, and procedures mapped to MITRE ATT&CK for ICS
Malware analysis  icon
Malware analysis
Detailed analysis of capabilities, intent, attack vector, motivation, and tactics
Vulnerability analysis icon
Vulnerability analysis
Identification of weaknesses or devices susceptible to compromise
Victimology icon
Targeted industries and geographic locations

Access the critical information you need

Critical Alerts

Vital information released at time of discovery and as situations develop

Weekly Reports

Analysis of relevant threats and vulnerabilities for the week

Quarterly Webinars

Summary of the most critical events of the quarter, with Q&A with Dragos’ threat intelligence experts

Executive Insights

Strategically-oriented reports prepared for C-level executive audiences

Dragos provides National Grid with clearly articulated intelligence, backed by evidence and specific information to help us mitigate threats. The clear understanding Dragos has of the environment in which we operate allows us to cut through the hype around many potential industry vulnerabilities, so we can focus on the ones that matter most as we look after vital infrastructure and ensure supply to our customers.

National Grid

Our trusted threat intelligence partners

We’re proud to partner with companies that enhance our ICS threat intelligence capabilities.

Threat Group Reports

Our threat intelligence team is constantly on the lookout for emerging Threat Groups and how they may impact your critical infrastructure. Learn more about the 15 threat groups we track globally.

Complete your ICS cybersecurity strategy

Want more robust tools and protection? The Dragos Platform combines our world-class threat intelligence with advanced asset identification, threat detection, and response capabilities for the most comprehensive ICS/OT technology solution in the industry.

Experience Dragos Threat Intelligence firsthand.

If you’re ready to take the next step to protect your ICS infrastructure, request a free, 30-day Dragos Threat Intelligence trial below, or get in touch with an expert who can help you map out your next steps.