About Dragos

“Safeguarding Civilization”

Mission: Safeguarding Civilization

Our mission at Dragos is to protect the world’s most critical infrastructure from adversaries who wish to do it harm. We help defend industrial organizations that provide us with the tenets of modern civilization: running water, functioning electricity, and safe industrial working environments.

Founded in 2016, Dragos is devoted to codifying and sharing our in-depth industry experience through industrial security software and services, so we can arm industrial defenders around the world with the knowledge and tools to protect their systems as effectively as possible.

Who We Are

We are practitioners who have lived through and solved real security challenges. Our team members have responded to incidents including the Ukraine 2015 power grid attack, analyzed the CRASHOVERRIDE malware responsible for the Ukraine 2016 electric grid attack, analyzed the TRISIS malware responsible for the petrochemical facility attack in 2017, built and led the National Security Agency mission to identify nation-states breaking into ICS, and performed assessments on hundreds of assets around the world. See the Meet the Team page to learn more.

Our investors include: DataTribe, AllegisCyber, Energy Impact Partners, Emerson, National Grid Partners and Schweitzer Engineering Labs.

What We Do

We provide industrial asset identification, threat detection, and response to help organizations stay ahead of adversaries. The Dragos platform delivers codified industrial cybersecurity expertise that enables security teams to detect and respond faster to industrial cybersecurity threats, reducing dwell time and down time. We enhance ICS defenders’ efficiency and effectiveness via the Dragos platform, Dragos WorldView intelligence reports, and the Dragos Threat Operations Center.

SC 2019 Awards Finalist


SC 2019 Awards Finalist – Best supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) security solution

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards – ICS/SCADA Security – Dragos Platform

Dragos Named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Industrial IoT and OT Security by Gartner

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