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Dragos Doggos

Meet the Dogs of Dragos

28 office doggos
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Princess Velma is a 5 month old Corgi that thinks (and barks) like an adult. Her Royal Highness’s favorite pastimes include hide and seek, sleeping under armchairs, and chewing (on everything). She happily accepts tribute in treats, and in return, will bestow a blessing of good licks.

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Millie McConnel

Millie McConnel, much loved, 10 year old yellow lab from Pennsylvania likes long walks and chasing squirrels. Knows for shedding copious amounts of yellow fur that eventually gathers into household tumbleweeds. Friend to all, unless you’re a cat.

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Little Bear

An old man who these days enjoys his peace and quiet. Spoiled as an only child until the age of 12 and then his humans brought chaos into his life with a human baby brother. Regardless, he still makes for the best side kick ever.

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Ripley is a judgmental and goofy Husky/Great Pyrenees mix. He has the ability to stare into your soul with his ice blue eyes and switch to playful puppy within seconds. Loves to protect his home from squirrels and Amazon delivery people.

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Samson, the 130 lbs. lap dog, is a Bernese Mountain Dog. When not indulging in dinner scraps Samson enjoys naps, cuddling with his mom, and barking at whatever his brother, Ripley, barks at.

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Hoban “Wash” Washburne

Wash is a pug/beagle mix who spends most of his day sleeping when not attempting to beg, borrow, or steal any food he can find.

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Kaylee is a Basset Hound, Redbone coonhound mix who fiercely guards the backyard from vicious creatures like squirrels, rabbits, and foxes.

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Rocco, despite being the baby of the family, is a surly old man at heart. He’s a chatterbox, barking at friends, foes, air, phantoms. He loves socks, edgy veggies, cozy blankets and spending time glued to his favorite people.

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Calvin Malvin and sometimes Kevin has got endless play in his heart right up until he turns into a big snoring little guy on a pile of blankets. He loves bones, balls, digging holes and finding clues.

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Chaos is an intern on the Neighborhood Watch team. His dream is to be a trail running adventure dog, but he soon realized his skills and abilities were better utilized safeguarding civilization after his first long run around the neighborhood. He enjoys chewing on bones, snuggles, and long naps after a spurt of the zoomies.

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Cheddar is very special. He is our bull and we all live in his china shop. With a tail of destruction, all drinks must be kept out of its path. We added him to our family after a loss. He filled that missing spot and loves to cuddle. On cold nights, he is a little space heater that makes the cuddling that much warmer.

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Pepper showed up out of nowhere when my wife and I were living in NC. We joke that he found the right set of suckers because we immediately fell in love. Give him a sprinkler and he will be entertained for hours.

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Barley was added to our family after driving home to NC from MD. We were just talking and decided that Pepper needed a friend. At the end of the 6 hour drive, we had setup a meeting to adopt him from a rescue. He loves to play fetch with his tennis balls and sit on the top of couches like a cat.

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Sir Duke Illington III

Texas born Canadian, loves head scratches and is a complete goof. Can lie down on brewery patios like no other.

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Baileigh Greathouse

Baileigh Greathouse is an English Bulldog. She enjoys playing with her toys, going to the dog park, chewing on her red bone, and snuggling with her humans. As unusual as it is for a bulldog she also enjoys the water.

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This is Winston the Westie. He enjoys barking at delivery people, jumping in mud puddles, and playing no take only throw. He loves to cause mischief and normally gets away with it because he is so darn cute.

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Truth Samuel

Truth is a rescue dog so not really sure what mix she is, but she sure is 100% sweetness. Truth loves long walks, eating any snacks that anyone will share with her and laying on top of anyone who will let her for cuddles.

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Enthusiastic sidekick extraordinaire.  He enjoys naps, peanut butter cookies, and recharging in the sunshine. 

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Most interesting dog in the world.  When not charming the ladies he demands ear rubs, chasing lizards, and avoiding exercise.

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Lucky Seitz

Lucky is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix who was found wandering around Texas. Once she was rescued, she developed a passion for long walks, swimming, and chasing squirrels.

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AKA “Pickle” and “Puddin'” by her four human brothers, Molly enjoys long walks down the street (with stops every 10 steps to sniff around), treats from the mail delivery person, and couch surfing.

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Rigby Van Ryder

Rigby is a Very Good Dog and likes to take his owner, Sam out on walks as often as he can. He loves food, naps and protecting his neighborhood’s critical infrastructure by chasing squirrels away from the power lines.

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Max Patel

Max is a golden retriever who hasn’t found a stranger he’s not willing to go home with. He loves to swim and play keep away with his favorite soccer ball. Max can always be found two inches behind anyone holding anything edible.

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Zero Elliott

Zero is named after the nightmare before Christmas and is a perfect mix of excitement & relaxation. He is always in need of adventure and eating the kid’s food.

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Bluey Raven Lee

Bluey is an Aussiedoodle born on 7/25/2020 and adopted little sister to Belle. She looks adorable but is basically a little raptor who enjoys tearing things up, gnawing on people, and cocking her head to the side and pretending to not know better.

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Bear Curry

Bear is a Fox Red Lab rescue, originally found and rescued on MD’s Eastern Shore. Andy Curry adopted Bear in August 2015, when he was four months old.
Bear loves hiking, the beach, and laying in the sun. He prefers peanut butter on everything he eats, including hard peanut butter treats.
Bear visits Dragos’ HQ a few days a week, where he’s had the opportunity to contribute to candidate interviews, and demos to the U.S. Department of Energy and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL).

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Lucy Surrock

Lucy is mostly English Bulldog with a dash of Beagle. Her personality certainly is a decent mix of the two most stubborn breeds. She enjoys long naps, long hikes, sandwiches that aren’t hers, and being the center of attention.

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Belle Lee

Belle is a Goldendoodle that has Robert and Raven Lee as roommates. She’s best friends with Ryker and loves to lick his face when her roommates aren’t looking. She enjoys swimming more than anything else, and when given the opportunity, will jump into any reasonably-sized body of water, regardless of how recently she was bathed. Belle loves everyone and everything, except the jerks that break into industrial infrastructure. If she ever catches them, she still won’t bark, but she probably won’t lick them.

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