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Dragos Doggos

Meet the Dogs of Dragos

50 office doggos
Havoc Open Havoc’s Bio
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Havoc is an American Staffordshire Terrier, born 2008-06-05. Her favourite thing in the world is walking on a beach with her butler, uh, I mean owner.

molly Open Molly Rowan’s Bio
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Molly Rowan

Molly is a sweet pup who loves to show off her wild side by hunting balls.

gracie fast Open Gracie Fast’s Bio
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Gracie Fast

I’ve been good…will there be snacks?

Charlie Halsey the Australian Labradoodle Open Charlie Halsey’s Bio
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Charlie Halsey

Charlie is an Australian Labradoodle who enjoys the good life with his family.

Maverick is a black lab Open Maverick’s Bio
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Maverick is a black lab who is originally from South Carolina and now lives in New Jersey. He loves to go on walks, play fetch (without giving it back), and stealing socks only to be chased around the house for it.

Kiera, German Shepherd Open Kiera’s Bio
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Kiera, proud Dragos Dog, is a long haired German Shepherd Dog. She is gentle with children and toys that squeak.

Nala Open Nala’s Bio
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Nala is a rescued dog. She enjoys tamales, going on roadtrips rather than going to walks, she loves to take sun baths, and to sleep all day. She is also very noble and loves giving us company. All our clothes are filled with her hairs to remind us she’s always with us.

sparky cappelli Open Sparky Cappelli’s Bio
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Sparky Cappelli

Sparky is a Keeshond who loves to frolic and bury his face in snow, but when no snow is available he’ll settle for swimming in the stream and running through the woods to get that lovely fur wet and messy!

Ruger, a german shepherd, laying in front of an aqua background. Ruger is looking at the camera with his mouth open, wearing a white bandana. Open Ruger’s Bio
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Ruger is a German Shepherd who thinks he’s more human than dog. He is a Chick-fil-A enthusiast (grilled chicken and ice cream FTW), and loves to swim until he can’t walk. As intimidating as he may appear, Ruger is a big softy who will tremble at the sound of a fly buzzing.

Olive is a quintessential Basset Hound, pursuing belly rubs and food in equal measure. Open Olive’s Bio
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Olive is a quintessential Basset Hound, pursuing belly rubs and food in equal measure. When she’s not chasing Pumpkin, she enjoys a power snooze in the sun or by the fire (who doesn’t?).

Pumpkin is a Boston Terrier who loves to go on walks, play fetch, and burrow under blankets, and is guaranteed to snore loudly during meetings. Open Pumpkin’s Bio
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Pumpkin is a Boston Terrier who loves to go on walks, play fetch, and burrow under blankets, and is guaranteed to snore loudly during meetings.

Honey is a Golden Retriever pup Open Honey’s Bio
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Honey is a Golden Retriever pup and critical infrastructure guard dog in training. She enjoys hiking with her parents, ice cubes, visiting everyone at Dragos HQ (particularly her canine colleagues), and biting her Dad’s socks during Zoom calls.

Bones, a black lab Open Bones’s Bio
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Bones is manager of the mute button, with a rigorous schedule of snoring, snorting, and loud licking during Zoom calls. If things get too slow, he makes cameo appearances on camera.

Hamish, a border terrier, sitting in the grass surrounded by yellow flowers. Mishy is looking at the camera and has his mouth open. Open Hamish’s Bio
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Hamish, aka “mishy”, aka “mishy misdemeanour” is a super chilled border terrier who is ever-hopeful for snacks. He is equally happy to lounge on a sofa or madly chase anything with wings.

Guinness, a shepherd and schnauzer mix looking at the camera with his snaggle tooth Open Guinness’s Bio
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Guinness is a Schnauzer and Shepherd mix. Originally from Texas, Guinness is now living his best snaggle tooth life in Wisconsin where he spoiled every single day.

Benij and Jack, two pups sitting in the grass looking at the camera. Open Benji and Jack’s Bio
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Benji and Jack

Benji’s favorite activity is saving mom and dad from Amazon drivers, plastic bags and leaves blowing in the wind. Jack’s favorite activity is sleeping and being unbothered. 10/10 co- workers.

Riley and Desmond, two schnauzers sitting in front of a fireplace wearing matching red plaid sweaters Open Riley and Desmo’s Bio
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Riley and Desmo

As evidenced by the distinguished beards, Riley and Desmo are Standard Schnauzers. They love sitting pretty for snacks, extracting squeakers from toys, chasing squirrels, and cuddling.

General, a mix breed black and white dog, looking at the camera Open General’s Bio
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General is a boxer/pit mix who enjoys wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

two dogs named matcha and mango in matching hawaiin shirt and sunglasses Open Matcha and Mango’s Bio
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Matcha and Mango

Matcha & Mango are double the trouble…. demanding treats for not performing tricks and jumping into video frame randomly during Dragos meetings. What they lack in discipline they make up for it with love.

Great Pyrenees named Indrik with his best bud Radigast the rabbit. Open Indrik’s Bio
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Our Great Pyrenees named Indrik with his best bud, Radigast the rabbit. An old dog and a young bunny that have bonded over their love of snacks and getting into trouble.

Blake is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles & Mini Poodle) Open Blake’s Bio
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Blake is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles & Mini Poodle) – and he is now 5.5 months and almost 8lbs – We think he’s going get up to 15 or 20lbs when fully grown. He is a very curious pup who love people and attention! His favorite activity is the dog park and zooming around in the backyard chasing after his favorite frisbee.

a fawn colored pit mix named Macky sitting in the grass looking at the camera Open Macky’s Bio
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Macky is a member of the HR team at Dragos. She sniffs out funny business when not sleeping on the job, and may take a cheese stick (or two) as bribery. Always down for yappy hour.

A beagle named Miloh sitting in the back of a pickup truck in front of fir trees. Open Miloh’s Bio
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Miloh is an old beagle boy who loves the finer things in life: bunny smells, steak treats, comfy couches, and long afternoon naps. He is terrified of the sound of fireworks and gum chewing. He is a professional loafer by day and an EXTREME loafer at night.

A lab mix named Livvy laying on a grey, fluffy carpet looking at the camera with her eyes up and nose down to the ground. Open Olive’s Bio
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Olive aka Livvy is a 7 month old tripawd lab mix foster win. This sweet girl came into foster with a badly broken leg. After amputation and recovery we were inseparable. She loves to swim, run, pounce, leap and nap. She loves humans and other doggos and all the snacks.

Nox, a tricolor bully breed looking at the camera with his head tilted Open Nox’s Bio
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Nox is a rescued bully breed who loves napping, small kittens, and the occasional midnight zoomie.

Penny, 6 month old clear red mini dachshund pup Open Penny’s Bio
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Some might think that Penny here is just a 6 month old clear red mini dachshund pup, but little do they know that she’s also a security expert! Was that an ominous sounding laugh of passersby? A door shutting out in the hall? Penny’s on it (and quite literally on you) with a warning bark! Consider her your 10 pound protective barrier against any and all important security threats.

Loc Nar, a Border Collie, Lab, Chihuahua, and terrier mix staring at the camera. He has large ears, a black head, and speckled black and brown spots. He is staring at the camera with his light brown eyebrows raised. Open Loc Nar’s Bio
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Loc Nar

Loc Nar is a border collie mix who enjoys the finer things in life.

A small, young Corgi named Velma wearing a white knitted sweater Open Velma’s Bio
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Princess Velma is a 5 month old Corgi that thinks (and barks) like an adult. Her Royal Highness’s favorite pastimes include hide and seek, sleeping under armchairs, and chewing (on everything). She happily accepts tribute in treats, and in return, will bestow a blessing of good licks.

Little Bear Thomason Open Little Bear’s Bio
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Little Bear

An old man who these days enjoys his peace and quiet. Spoiled as an only child until the age of 12 and then his humans brought chaos into his life with a human baby brother. Regardless, he still makes for the best side kick ever.

Ripley Open Ripley’s Bio
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Ripley is a judgmental and goofy Husky/Great Pyrenees mix. He has the ability to stare into your soul with his ice blue eyes and switch to playful puppy within seconds. Loves to protect his home from squirrels and Amazon delivery people.

A Bernese mountain dog named Samson Open Samson’s Bio
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Samson, the 130 lbs. lap dog, is a Bernese Mountain Dog. When not indulging in dinner scraps Samson enjoys naps, cuddling with his mom, and barking at whatever his brother, Ripley, barks at.

Wash Open Hoban “Wash” Washburne’s Bio
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Hoban “Wash” Washburne

Wash is a pug/beagle mix who spends most of his day sleeping when not attempting to beg, borrow, or steal any food he can find.

Kaylee, a light brown basset, laying on a brown leather sofa with her ears spread in front of her Open Kaylee’s Bio
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Kaylee is a Basset Hound, Redbone coonhound mix who fiercely guards the backyard from vicious creatures like squirrels, rabbits, and foxes.

Rocco, a Spaniel, looking at the camera Open Rocco’s Bio
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Rocco, despite being the baby of the family, is a surly old man at heart. He’s a chatterbox, barking at friends, foes, air, phantoms. He loves socks, edgy veggies, cozy blankets and spending time glued to his favorite people.

Calvin Open Calvin’s Bio
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Calvin Malvin and sometimes Kevin has got endless play in his heart right up until he turns into a big snoring little guy on a pile of blankets. He loves bones, balls, digging holes and finding clues.

a black and white photo of Chaos, a french bulldog, looking at the camera. Open Chaos’s Bio
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Chaos is an intern on the Neighborhood Watch team. His dream is to be a trail running adventure dog, but he soon realized his skills and abilities were better utilized safeguarding civilization after his first long run around the neighborhood. He enjoys chewing on bones, snuggles, and long naps after a spurt of the zoomies.

Cheddar Strosnider Open Cheddar’s Bio
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Cheddar is very special. He is our bull and we all live in his china shop. With a tail of destruction, all drinks must be kept out of its path. We added him to our family after a loss. He filled that missing spot and loves to cuddle. On cold nights, he is a little space heater that makes the cuddling that much warmer.

Pepper Strosnider Open Pepper’s Bio
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Pepper showed up out of nowhere when my wife and I were living in NC. We joke that he found the right set of suckers because we immediately fell in love. Give him a sprinkler and he will be entertained for hours.

Barley Strosnider Open Barley’s Bio
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Barley was added to our family after driving home to NC from MD. We were just talking and decided that Pepper needed a friend. At the end of the 6 hour drive, we had setup a meeting to adopt him from a rescue. He loves to play fetch with his tennis balls and sit on the top of couches like a cat.

Sir, a sheppherd, looking slightly away from the camera in front of a blue background Open Sir Duke Illington III’s Bio
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Sir Duke Illington III

Texas born Canadian, loves head scratches and is a complete goof. Can lie down on brewery patios like no other.

Greathouse, a bulldog, sitting among grey and pink pillows on a bed Open Baileigh Greathouse’s Bio
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Baileigh Greathouse

Baileigh Greathouse is an English Bulldog. She enjoys playing with her toys, going to the dog park, chewing on her red bone, and snuggling with her humans. As unusual as it is for a bulldog she also enjoys the water.

Winston, a Wessie, looking slightly at the camera. Open Winston’s Bio
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This is Winston the Westie. He enjoys barking at delivery people, jumping in mud puddles, and playing no take only throw. He loves to cause mischief and normally gets away with it because he is so darn cute.

Truth Samuel Open Truth Samuel’s Bio
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Truth Samuel

Truth is a rescue dog so not really sure what mix she is, but she sure is 100% sweetness. Truth loves long walks, eating any snacks that anyone will share with her and laying on top of anyone who will let her for cuddles.

Rockett Grove Open Rockett’s Bio
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Enthusiastic sidekick extraordinaire.  He enjoys naps, peanut butter cookies, and recharging in the sunshine. 

Bullett Grove Open Bullett’s Bio
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Most interesting dog in the world.  When not charming the ladies he demands ear rubs, chasing lizards, and avoiding exercise.

Molly Vincent Open Molly’s Bio
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AKA “Pickle” and “Puddin'” by her four human brothers, Molly enjoys long walks down the street (with stops every 10 steps to sniff around), treats from the mail delivery person, and couch surfing.

Rigby Van Ryder Open Rigby Van Ryder’s Bio
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Rigby Van Ryder

Rigby is a Very Good Dog and likes to take his owner, Sam, out on walks as often as he can. He loves food, naps and protecting his neighborhood’s critical infrastructure by chasing squirrels away from the power lines.

Max Patel Open Max Patel’s Bio
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Max Patel

Max is a golden retriever who hasn’t found a stranger he’s not willing to go home with. He loves to swim and play keep away with his favorite soccer ball. Max can always be found two inches behind anyone holding anything edible.

Zero Elliott Open Zero Elliott’s Bio
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Zero Elliott

Zero is named after the nightmare before Christmas and is a perfect mix of excitement & relaxation. He is always in need of adventure and eating the kid’s food.

Bluey Raven Lee Open Bluey Raven Lee’s Bio
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Bluey Raven Lee

Bluey is an Aussiedoodle born on 7/25/2020 and adopted little sister to Belle. She looks adorable but is basically a little raptor who enjoys tearing things up, gnawing on people, and cocking her head to the side and pretending to not know better.

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