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Industrial Cybersecurity in the

Ransomware attacks against industrial organizations increased 50%.

The consequences of a cyber attack on the chemical industry could be severe for two reasons. First, many of the processes are capable of catastrophic failure, such as explosions, if not controlled and monitored properly. Second, any downtime is extremely expensive in terms of lost production, with costs up to millions of dollars per day And, according to a recent American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) survey, 55% of unplanned disruptions last a day or more. This problem is exacerbated in the current environment with its supply chain issues, when replacing a damaged component can take much longer than normal, often months instead of days or weeks.

Dragos’s unique approach helps our customers mitigate these and other issues by protecting the ICS and other OT systems controlling and monitoring raw material handling, production, packaging, shipping, and other operations—along with corresponding intellectual property—from cyber attacks.

Crown Jewel Analysis: Chemical Infographic

Download this infographic for a simplified example of a Crown Jewel Analysis (CJA) for chemical manufacturing.
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Aerial view Petrochemical plant at night, Oil refinery plant at night.

Visualize, Detect, and Respond to Threats Against Your Chemical Manufacturing Operations

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Rest easy knowing your operational infrastructure is in good hands.

The Dragos Platform utilizes deep packet inspection to give operators a complete picture of all connected OT equipment and network communications from vendors like Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and Emerson. Your team will immediately benefit from in-depth visibility of assets and threats in your environment, along with playbooks to guide analysts step-by-step as they investigate potential incidents.


Stay ahead of evolving threats.

Dragos Threat Intelligence can be incorporated into risk assessments and security requirements for chemical facilities to address the existing gap between the CFATS cybersecurity guidance and the current threat landscape impacting the chemical industry. Our world-class team distills adversary behaviors, tactics, techniques, and procedures into regular reports, so you can stay one step ahead of the threat they pose to your operations.

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Prevent Significant Breaches with Proactive Defenses.

Dragos’ cybersecurity services help your security and operations teams prepare for and respond to significant threats no matter where you’re at in your journey. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the DHS CFATS program and will work with your staff on assessments, threat hunting, penetration testing, tabletop exercises, incident response, and training – either on-site or remotely.


Where Dragos differentiates from many [competitors] is in the ICS-focused expertise of its team, reflected in its intelligence-centric approach, where its deep and detailed knowledge of the specifics of the ICS threat landscape are borne out of experience.

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Known Activity Groups Targeting the Chemical Sector

The chemical sector is a prime target for adversaries seeking to exploit industrial control systems environments. An attack can happen at any point across the major stages of operations. To help protect your infrastructure, Dragos tracks five activity groups specifically targeting the chemical sector and will continue to update this list as more information becomes available.

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