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Why Dragos

Industry’s most comprehensive software Unmatched ICS experience Critical focus on advanced threats An OT cybersecurity ally you can count on.

Cybersecurity technology backed by the world’s largest and most trusted team of ICS/OT experts.

Dragos was founded by renowned ICS/OT practitioners who have defeated adversaries for the U.S. government, ally nations, and global firms. Today, Dragos is on a mission to protect the world’s most critical infrastructure and safeguard civilization. We know that’s a mission you can get behind.


Technology and services to defend your critical infrastructure.

The Dragos Platform

The industry’s most advanced ICS/OT cybersecurity software to help you visualize, protect, and respond to cyber threats.


Technology built with over 600+ years of experience from the world's trusted team of ICS/OT practitioners.

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Neighborhood Keeper

A global threat intelligence and analytics sharing program designed to support smaller providers and better understand the ICS/OT threat landscape.

Backed by top industry leaders like Ameren, First Energy, Department of Energy’s Idaho National Labs, North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s E-ISAC, and Southern Company.

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OT Watch

The industry’s most powerful combination of technology and team to amplify your resources and reinforce your ICS/OT defenses.


The Dragos OT Watch team, powered by the Dragos Platform, provides visibility into our assets, threats, and vulnerabilities that we could not do on our own before.

Doug Short
CIO & CISO Trinity River Authority of Texas

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Professional Services

Proactive and responsive services to enable your team to better prepare for, combat, and respond to ICS/OT threats.


10+ professional ICS/OT cybersecurity offerings to meet you anywhere on your ICS journey.

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Threat Intelligence

Actionable threat intelligence and defensive recommendations focused on global ICS/OT threats. Get a free 30-day trial!


Dragos has a clear understanding of the environment in which we operate, allowing us to eliminate many potential industry vulnerabilities so we can focus on the ones that truly matter to our infrastructure.

National Grid

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Some of our trusted partners that help us safeguard civilization.

We’re proud to partner with companies that support our mission and enhance our capabilities.

Meet the team behind the technology.

Dragos’ founders have defeated global adversaries for the government and ally nations, now leading the world’s largest team of researchers, hunters, and defenders.
Richard Witucki
Jon Peterson
Steve Piercy
Join the team.

Think you’ve got what it takes to safeguard civilization?

The world has us on speed dial.

We’ve been on the frontlines of the world’s most significant OT cybersecurity attacks. Read the insights we’ve learned along the way.

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Where Dragos differentiates from many [competitors] is in the ICS-focused expertise of its team, reflected in its intelligence-centric approach, where its deep and detailed knowledge of the specifics of the ICS threat landscape are born out of experience.

451 Research

Our rigorous and innovative approach to cybersecurity has earned us global recognition

World Economic Forum_2020
021 Cyber Defender of the Year by the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI)
Forbes Cybersecurity Awards 2020 Announcing Dragos as an outstanding firm
Best SCADA Security Solution
ICS / SCADA Security Product
Cyber Security Impact Awards
451 Research Firestarter
Industrial Cybersecurity Technology Innovation Award
InfoSec Silver Award
Company Size 50 to 99
Dragos wins SC Award
SC 2019 Awards Finalist
Info Security Award Products Guide 2019
Cool Vendor in Industrial IoT and OT Security
global infosex awards winner dragos
SC awards 2023 winner Dragos
NTA awards 2023 dragos

Count on us to help you take the next steps in your OT cybersecurity journey

Whether you need to learn the ICS/OT basics or want to tackle your cyber risks right now, learn how to take the next steps.