Join us April 6th following up on Robert M. Lee's testimony during the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources Hearing.

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Kent Backman

kent backman

Kent Backman is a Principal II Adversary Hunter at Dragos. Kent moved to Dragos from a senior threat hunter and purple team operator role in Bank of America’s Emerging Threat Analytics team, focusing on advanced threats to the Bank and financial industry.

Before Bank of America, Kent was a nation-state focused threat intelligence researcher with RSA Security, working on unhacking people and organizations at scale, by tracking, exposing, and disrupting malicious exploit campaigns. Kent’s expertise has been informed by intrusion analysis, incident response, digital forensics, threat analysis and hunting work for the US government intelligence community, and other government as well as commercial organizations since 2002. Prior to that he has had many years of experience with systems, firewall and network administration for business and academic institutions.

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