Angela Pitzer Headshot

Angela Pitzer

Sales Operation Manager

I live in Jarrettsville MD with my husband, we have three wonderful children, 2 grandchildren and 2 adorable dogs.  My degree is in mathematics, I am data obsessed and have a passion for numbers, but I’m still a lot of fun!  I am very inquisitive, project focused and enjoy timeline driven projects.  I spent 14 years moving myself up the ranks at 4 companies in their Financial department, when I was given the opportunity to move to a Sales Operation role with a Cyber Security company, Gemalto, working with After proving how much SFDC helps the Sales team, I was asked to join a new company, ConnectYourCare, and really pushed the team to increase utilization in SFDC from 15% to 85%. 

In my off time I enjoy spending time at Deep Creek Lake, Rock State Park or Ocean City anything water related makes me happy! I am a total movie/TV buff and love when I can find time on a weekend to binge a new Netflix series.


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