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Waterfall Security Solutions

A More Complete ICS Security Architecture

The Dragos platform and Waterfall WF-500 platform have been tested and validated for compatibility. By ensuring these technologies work together, organizations can leverage the Dragos Platform inside networks protected by Unidirectional Security Gateways, thereby enabling more secure and continuous monitoring of critical assets.

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With this partnership, you benefit from: 

  • Validated Interoperability so that industrial enterprises are assured that the Dragos Platform will function properly in environments using Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway technology
  • Secure Architecture Industrial Enterprises enjoy both in-depth security monitoring and strong OT perimeter protection to enable safe visibility into OT networks.
  • Complementary Technologies that help industrial enterprises continuously monitor OT networks and production operations, while maintaining a layer of physical protection to prevent cyberattacks against OT networks.
  • Extensive Experience utilizing the combined experience of Dragos and Waterfall Security in many different industrial environments across multiple industry verticals provides greater confidence to industrial security professionals focused on securing OT infrastructure.
  • Convenient Management where Dragos Sensors can be managed, updated, and adjusted safely and easily beyond the perimeter on IT networks, without needing to be installed on OT networks.

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