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Palo Alto Networks

Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Against Cyber Threats

Dragos and Palo Alto Networks are working together to provide increased asset visibility, improved threat detection and prevention with actionable response. This integration helps customers evaluate and make better informed decisions when applying segmentation and preventative controls.

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and the Dragos Platform integration provides defenders with a scalable cybersecurity solution that bridges IT and OT environments to better manage risk, empower audit and compliance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

As a foundational complement to firewalls, the Dragos Platform, an Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity technology, delivers unmatched visibility of ICS/OT assets and communications. It allows teams to rapidly pinpoint threats through intelligence-driven analytics to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and provide best-practice playbooks to guide teams as they investigate and respond to threats before they cause significant impacts on an organization’s operations, processes, or people.

How the Dragos and Palo Alto Networks Integration Works

See how industrial asset owners can take advantage of integration between the Dragos Platform and Palo Alto Networks NGFW.

With This Partnership, You Benefit From: 

  • Improve OT asset visibility and threat detection with the Dragos Platform for better Palo Alto Networks NGFW optimization. 
  • Enhance IT/OT network north-south boundaries and microsegment OT networks to prevent unauthorized east-west communication. 
  • Rapidly pinpoint malicious behavior on your ICS/ OT network, providing in-depth context of alerts and reducing false positives for unparalleled threat detection.

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42

The Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team provides threat research that enables security teams to understand adversary intent and attribution while enhancing protections offered by the Dragos Platform and services to stop advanced attacks.

Unit 42 partners with the Dragos team of ICS experts who have been on the front lines of significant industrial cybersecurity attacks globally and are ready to assist no matter where you are on your journey.