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Helping Defenders of Industrial Automation Against OT Threats

Dragos joined the ISA GCA as a founding member to support the objectives of the alliance by providing our extensive experience and insight that will be shared with the greater community. The Dragos Platform, WorldView software, and the that intelligence team contribute valuable insights based on real-world adversary activity to help prepare defenders. The Dragos professional services team contributes knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices to help arm defenders with the skills to detect and respond to threats targeting OT environments.

With this partnership, you benefit from: 

  • Expanded Community Contributions by leveraging the real-world ICS cybersecurity experience and intelligence to provide knowledge sharing, education, and improved standards in an open environment to help build a stronger ICS focused cybersecurity community.
  • Improved ICS Cybersecurity Priorities with the support the adoption and implementation of a more complete set of ICS cybersecurity priorities from manufacturers, software providers, service companies, government agencies, and end-users.
  • Extended Visibility that provides assistance with the development and effective communication to a large audience of timely and relevant educational material regarding the ICS threats and standards-based defensive strategies that ensure people, processes, and technology are better cyber protected.
  • Enriched Training Services that help with developing certification and education programs for industry professionals with sensible approaches that work with world governments and regulatory bodies.

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