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Managing cyber risks in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology environments

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services end-to-end Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security offering, enabled by the Dragos platform, helps organizations manage their cyber risks in the ICS and Operational Technology (OT) environments designed to protect industrial operations.

With the Dragos and Deloitte Partnership, You Benefit From: 

  • Deloitte uses Dragos products for asset inventory and ICS assessments to passively identify and map networked assets in customers’ ICS and surrounding networks.
  • Deloitte assists with deploying the Dragos Platform for continuous monitoring in the environment, thus enabling enhanced asset identification, threat detection, and efficient response through automation.
  • Deloitte Secure Operations Center (SOC) as a managed service helps with surges, requirements, and unmanned hours. The Deloitte SOC is also powered by the Dragos Platform for ICS environments.
  • Deloitte leverages the experience of the Dragos Threat Operations Center (TOC) for extended ICS knowledge, training, and intelligence to better support customers’ risk evaluations and managed service needs.

Learn how Deloitte Cyber helps organizations become stronger, faster, more innovative, and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

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