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Protecting Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technologies from Cyber Threats

Emerson and Dragos have expanded their agreement to enable organizations in dozens of industries to further strengthen the security of their OT environment and defend their critical assets.

Emerson has selected and validated the Dragos threat detection and response technology (delivered via the Dragos Platform) into its Ovation™ automation platform and Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite (PWCS), as well as its DeltaV ™ distributed control system (DCS).

This additional layer of protection complements Emerson’s robust portfolio of security offerings for industrial control systems.

With Dragos and the Emerson Ovation™ Automation Platform and Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite (PWCS), you’ll benefit from:

  • Emerson Has Validated the Dragos platform for its Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite (PWCS), providing improved threat detection and response across the entire industrial OT network of power producers and water utility organizations.
  • Improved Visibility into the OT Environment that allows industrial organizations to assess, monitor, and mitigate threats aimed at core ICS networks.
  • ICS-specific Focus with continuously updated content packs hyper-focused on ICS networks for Emerson Ovation-specific and other vendors’ hardware, providing fast, efficient and effective threat detection, response, and mitigation to help maintain safety and uptime.
  • Expanded Services offering a full range of OT cybersecurity services available throughout Emerson’s global services network for power and water customers.
  • Community Contributions with joint research and intelligence will be shared with the ICS community through white papers and webinars to enhance education for defenders.

With Dragos and the Emerson DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS), you’ll benefit from: 

  • Emerson Has Validated the Dragos Platform within its DeltaV™  distributed control system (DCS), providing organizations within the processing and manufacturing industries with greatly enhanced ICS/OT cybersecurity. 
  • Enhanced Visibility into the DeltaV™  Environment allowing industrial organizations to discover and monitor assets, track, mitigate vulnerabilities, and leverage traffic monitoring information to investigate issues and incidents.
  • Fast, Efficient, and Effective Threat Detection, Response, and Mitigation to help maintain safety and uptime as a result of continuously updated content packs hyper-focused on ICS networks for DeltaV™  DCS-specific and other vendors’ hardware.  Content packs ensure all current detections, analytics and response playbooks are available for cybersecurity and operations professionals.
  • DeltaV™  DCS Platform-Specific Capabilities integrated into the Dragos platform, including protocol dissectors, asset characterizations, threat behavior analytics, and investigation playbooks to expand Emerson’s cybersecurity assessment capabilities and enhance threat detection and response for process industries.
  • A Full Range of OT Cybersecurity Services available throughout Emerson’s global services network for processing and manufacturing industries.
  • The Collective Experience and Intelligence of Dragos and Emerson to enhance education for defenders, including whitepapers, webinars, and other resources.

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