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Dragos Partner Program

Partnering With Dragos

The Dragos Global Partner Program provides strategic alignment around the shared common goal of safeguarding critical infrastructure. Our partners deliver the solutions, intelligence, services, and security expertise required to combat sophisticated cyber adversaries targeting industrial infrastructure around the globe.

Become a Dragos Partner

Dragos is committed to building a unique network of partners that deliver the solutions, intelligence, and security expertise required to combat advanced cyber adversaries targeting industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT).

With our leading OT cybersecurity platform and the industry’s largest team of ICS/OT practitioners, Dragos offers our partners a unique opportunity to bring valuable and innovative security solutions and services to their end-users.

Our partner’s unique security expertise with our differentiated offerings together can maximize business growth and increase mutual revenues. 

Dragos Partners

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Solution Providers (Reseller)

Dragos is committed to building and rewarding a world-class network of solution provider partners that are committed to safeguarding civilization. With Dragos as a partner, the solution provider can grow a differentiated and profitable ICS cybersecurity business. 

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System Integrators & Consultants

Systems integrators (SIs) and consulting firms can grow their businesses by providing clients with the leading security solutions, intelligence, and expertise Dragos offers. Dragos works with partners to offer the highest level of visibility, detection, and response for their customers — increasing customer success and maximizing profitability. 

Service Partners

Service Partners provide their services (consulting, professional, and risk liability) to Dragos customers and refer security deals to our company. Services Partners cannot resell Dragos solutions or provide Dragos Managed Services. 

Managed Services Providers

Managed Services Providers build, sell, and remotely manage Dragos services that deliver business outcomes for customers. 

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Referral Partners

Referral Partners do not resell Dragos solutions but send qualified business leads to the Dragos Sales team. With each closed deal a referral partner earns a percentage of the revenue

Partner Program Membership Tiers

The Dragos Partner Program has three membership tiers, which are structured to reward partners according to their investments with Dragos. Dragos Partners elevate to the next level based on achieving specific revenue, training and customer success level targets. 

Our partnership approach is designed from the ground up to drive a partner’s growth in the ICS cybersecurity market. The combination of our partner’s expertise and the Dragos technology and services provides the foundation to maximize growth and create a winning formula for success.

The Dragos Partner Program Value

Industry Leader

A leader in ICS cybersecurity that extends a partner’s brand and reputation in the market.

Enhance Profits

Revenue model with On-Prem and Cloud offerings. With a broad set of ICS security offerings, there are opportunities to expand and upsell.

Joint Marketing

Build joint marketing plans that attract and nurture new opportunities.

Partner Commitment

Working with a select group of quality partners to build highly collaborative sales relationships.

The Dragos Approach

The Dragos Partner Program is designed from the ground up to drive a partner’s growth in the ICS cybersecurity market. The combination of our partner’s expertise and the Dragos Technology and Services, provides the foundation to maximize growth and create a winning formula for success.

Gain new ways to market and deliver leading solutions to customers that drive growth and revenue.

Sales incentives and market development funds as you rise in the program.

Access resources that grow with the partnership and your program level. These include sandboxes, dedicated access to technical staff, and more.

Interested in Becoming a Dragos Partner?

Please Review Our Partner Program And Complete The Form

We have created the Dragos Partner Program to work with you to help you grow your business while safeguarding civilization.

With your unique security expertise, our differentiated offerings, and the Dragos Partner Program, together, we can maximize growth and increase mutual revenues.

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World-renowned industrial cybersecurity products require the industry’s largest team of ICS/OT cybersecurity practitioners and a crew of talented professionals to back it up.