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Safeguard OT Systems Across Operations

Dragos and ServiceNow have teamed together to provide an integration of the Dragos Platform with ServiceNow, enabling joint customers to expand visibility of Industrial Control System/Operational Technology (ICS/OT) assets and associated vulnerability context in support of companies undertaking digital transformation initiatives.

The Dragos Platform is designed for industrial networks and provides asset discovery, threat detection, and incident response capabilities. Through the OT Certified Service Graph Connector and Vulnerability Response integrations with ServiceNow, joint customers can now utilize the comprehensive asset discovery and vulnerability management capabilities of the Dragos Platform to accurately catalog industrial devices with associated vulnerability information alongside existing enterprise assets.

With This Partnership, You Benefit From:

  • Scaling your ServiceNow utilization by easily integrating OT asset details and vulnerability information into new and existing Operational Technology Management deployments.
  • Centralized view of ICS/OT environments so you can assess, prioritize, and react to events.
  • Comprehensive ICS/OT vulnerability management with corrected, enriched, prioritized guidance that allows customers to manage the entire lifecycle of specific vulnerabilities.

Enhance Your ServiceNow and Dragos Deployment with Complete IT/OT Visibility & Vulnerability Management

The Dragos Platform Integration with ServiceNow

The Dragos Platform asset discovery, threat detection, and incident response for OT networks is combined with the enterprise security technology of ServiceNow so defenders can fill any previous OT visibility gaps with a more comprehensive solution to address the needs of both IT and OT networks.

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