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Join us Oct. 6 as Rockwell Automation & Dragos CEOs reshape the way you approach cybersecurity in manufacturing.

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Rockwell Automation

The Dragos and Rockwell Automation Partnership

Dragos and Rockwell Automation have partnered to help industrial customers enhance their visibility into threats in their ICS environments, and guide customers to deploy a holistic cybersecurity strategy to better protect, respond, and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

By combining Rockwell Automation’s global industry, application, and industrial cybersecurity domain expertise with Dragos’s world-class technology, professional services, and threat intelligence services, this partnership enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation securely while managing risk to protect their core business.

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With This Partnership, You Benefit From:

  • Expanded Services offering a full range of proactive and responsive cybersecurity services available through Rockwell Automation’s global lifecycle services network.
  • Shared Threat Intelligence with experienced teams identifying and analyzing attack vectors and threat activity on Rockwell Automation systems, the resultant expanded threat visibility arms customers with specific guidance on how to be better prepared.
  • Improved Visibility into the Operational Technology (OT) Environment leveraging technology such as the Dragos Platform to enable OT asset identification, communication flows, threat behaviors, and vulnerability management.
  • Enhanced Managed Services with Managed Threat Hunting and Collective Defense capabilities joint customers benefit from collective experience powered by the Dragos Platform.
  • Joint Research and Development to constantly improve vulnerability and threat awareness and simplify workflows with technology integrations.

Dragos/Rockwell Incident Response Retainer (IRR)

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