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The 2023 OT Cybersecurity Report is here – your blueprint to OT cyber resilience.

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Professional Services

Build an ICS/OT Cybersecurity Program That’s Right for Your Organization

Not sure where or how to get started? Our Professional Services team can help.

Whether you’re just starting to build an ICS/OT cybersecurity program or enhancing an existing one, our team of experts can help. Leverage our OT cybersecurity professional services to better understand your current cybersecurity capabilities, implement the right controls, and build your cyber resilience against adversaries. 

Industrial Cybersecurity Professional Services

Urgent ICS/OT Incident Response Services
Understand Your Most Critical Systems icon
Understand Your Most Critical Systems
Proactively Prepare for Cyber Threats  icon
Proactively Prepare for Cyber Threats
Gain Visibility to Attack Pathways  icon
Gain Visibility to Attack Pathways
Improve Your Security Posture  icon
Improve Your Security Posture

Incident Response

An ICS incident response retainer provides a foundation for building and optimizing cybersecurity controls for your OT environment and is an essential part of preparing for and responding to an incident, facilitating business continuity. Dragos Incident Response services are offered via a flexible Rapid Response retainer with multiple tiers to choose from, and any unused retainer hours can be put towards other Dragos services. Retainer benefits include: 

  • A Retainer Readiness Workshop for a streamlined onboarding experience 
  • Prioritized strategic and tactical recommendations for IR plan 
  • Rapid response when an incident or breach occurs 
  • 24/7 telephone support and on-site support within 48 hours 
Dragos OT Cybersecurity Incident Response Retainer diagram

Tabletop Exercises 

Gain a better understanding of your team’s OT incident response capabilities against a realistic cyber-attack with a tabletop exercise. Designed to demonstrate how a realistic attack might occur in your OT environment, tabletop exercises help you assess your cybersecurity posture using scenarios tailored to your organizational risks or customized to meet your needs. Benefits of tabletop exercises with Dragos: 

  • Test and strengthen your current incident response plan
  • Reduce the impact of an industrial cyber event
  • Improve cross-functional communication and team relationships
  • Get knowledge transfer from an experienced team

OT Cybersecurity Assessment Suite

Understanding your most critical ICS/OT systems and the potential consequences of a cyber incident or attack on those systems is essential for prioritizing your protection, detection, and response efforts.   

There are several kinds of OT Cybersecurity Assessments to meet your needs and the scale of your business. Benefits include:

  • Identify OT assets, vulnerabilities, and compromises
  • Get strategic recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Information that simplifies regulatory compliance reporting
  • Understand Crown Jewels and cybersecurity maturity levels
Dragos crown jewel analysis for oil and gas industry

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments can help you gain visibility to potential attack pathways that exist within your OT environment – in your network, hosts, field devices, and applications.  Benefits of Vulnerability Assessments include: 

  • Identify opportunities to improve your defensible architecture  
  • Prioritized feedback for vulnerability management 
  • Get an intel-driven view of threat actors 
  • Assess exploitable vulnerabilities in your ICS/OT environment  

Threat Hunting

Find undiscovered threats in your ICS networks and identify weaknesses in architecture, security controls, and policies and procedures to avoid compromise. Dragos threat hunters can find threats non-invasively without operational disruption or downtime.

Managed Threat Hunting with Dragos OT Watch

Dragos OT Watch is a subscription service exclusively for Dragos Platform technology customers. An OT Watch subscription provides access to a team of industrial threat hunters who are at your disposal – for daily security operations needs within the Dragos Platform – or simply a dedicated team for threat hunting.
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A diagram depicting OT Watch from Dragos. OT Watch is a cloud-deployed managed asset visibility and threat hunting solution staffed by Dragos' team of skilled Industrial Hunters

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