Confidently present your OT cybersecurity strategy to the board with tips from Rob Lee and Koch's Philip Ellender

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Professional Services

Build an ICS Cybersecurity Strategy That’s Right for Your Organization

Proactive and responsive offerings to comprehensively understand your ICS environment, mitigate risks, and respond to threats confidently

Dragos is comprised of the industry’s largest and most experienced team of ICS security practitioners. We can help you understand your organization’s unique environment to build an effective ICS cybersecurity program that’s right for you. Our service offerings provide you with visibility and insight into your OT environments, identification of vulnerabilities and threats, education for practitioners, and overall risk mitigation.

Dragos Professional Services Benefits

Get a clear picture of your ICS environment icon
Get a clear picture of your ICS environment
Know if your critical assets are at risk icon
Know if your critical assets are at risk
Boost your team's confidence icon
Boost your team's confidence
Get actionable recommendations based on in-depth intel icon
Get actionable recommendations based on in-depth intel

Struggling to hire analysts with ICS/OT expertise?

With Dragos OT Watch, our team is your team. Learn more about this new subscription service that provides remote monitoring and proactive threat hunting in your ICS/OT environment.
OT Watch
A diagram depicting OT Watch from Dragos. OT Watch is a cloud-deployed managed asset visibility and threat hunting solution staffed by Dragos' team of skilled Industrial Hunters

Proactive Services

Architecture Review
Evaluate your existing security program

Network Vulnerability Assessment
Close gaps in network defense

Device, Application, and Network Penetration Testing
Understand how to prevent severe breaches

Managed Threat Hunting
Augment your staff with our ICS expert analysts

Threat Hunting
Expose undiscovered threats

ICS/OT Training
Intensive hands-on learning

Readiness Assessment
Build a Foundation of Best Practices

Responsive Services

Table Top Exercise
Strengthen internal communication

Incident Response
Rapid on- and offsite support

Incident Response Retainer
Access our team when you need them

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