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09.14.23 | 2 min read

Koch Industries Secures Manufacturing Technology with Dragos Platform on AWS

Dragos, Inc.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity is a paramount concern for businesses across various industries. Koch Industries, a global leader in manufacturing, recognized the importance of safeguarding its operations against potential threats while embracing the benefits of digital transformation. In a groundbreaking partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Koch Industries adopted the Dragos Platform to fortify its cybersecurity defenses and ensure the integrity of its manufacturing technology. This case study sheds light on how Koch Industries secured its manufacturing technology with the Dragos Platform on AWS and how it has allowed Koch Industries to embrace digital transformation with confidence.

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Koch Industries, with a commitment to continuous improvement across its diverse range of products, was on a mission to elevate its cybersecurity measures. Their diverse portfolio spans paper, electronics, textiles, building materials, and ERP solutions specialized by industry. To tackle the challenges posed by the increasing connectivity needed for digital transformation, Koch Industries turned to the Dragos Platform.

The Dragos Platform, a cybersecurity management solution, was deployed both on-premises and on AWS, specifically for Guardian Industries. This strategic partnership has enabled Koch Industries to maintain a secure and accurate inventory of assets, expand their utilization of AWS services in manufacturing environments, and proactively monitor and detect threats, vulnerabilities, or malicious activities on their networks.

In their quest for a robust cybersecurity solution, Koch Industries required a technology that could provide deep asset visibility, efficient vulnerability management, and accurate threat detection. Importantly, this solution needed to minimize disruptions to production and network performance, across disparate technologies.

The Dragos Advantage: Expertise and Technology

Gabe Green, Chief Information Security Officer at Koch Industries, emphasized the value of Dragos beyond its technology: “What’s been helpful with Dragos is not just the technology, but the expertise that they bring to the table.” This expertise proved vital as Koch Industries sought to address cybersecurity gaps and ensure continuous equipment uptime.

The potential impact of security threats on their manufacturing operations were beyond disruption of manufacturing production and loss of revenue. Koch needed a solution that addressed cybersecurity threats that could pose a risk  to health and safety, as well as the potential loss of intellectual property. To address these scenarios , Koch turned to AWS Partner Dragos.

Achieving Comprehensive Visibility

The Dragos Platform equips Koch Industries with a comprehensive asset inventory and deep insights into their OT network environment. The Dragos Platform’s unique ability to analyze multiple data sources provides unparalleled visibility into the ICS/OT environment. This includes protocols, network traffic, data historians, host logs, asset characterizations, and anomalies. By deploying the Dragos Platform on AWS, Koch Industries developed a scalable approach across multiple manufacturing sites.

Protecting Critical Assets

Unlike IT-focused solutions repurposed for OT environments, Dragos offers purpose-built, industrial-focused threat intelligence, which informs the Dragos Platform’s threat behavior analytics, delivering context-rich notifications for faster response times, reduced alert fatigue, and enhanced support for threat investigation. This assurance enables board members and staff to trust that cybersecurity risks are effectively managed as services migrate to the cloud.

 It also provides best-practice playbooks to guide their teams in investigating and responding to threats before they escalate. Additionally, Koch leverages Dragos OT Watch, a threat-hunting service, to collaborate with industry-leading ICS analysts at Dragos, facilitating faster discovery of incidents and mitigating threats effectively.

Streamlined Operations and Compliance

Dragos on AWS empowers Koch Industries to quickly visualize, detect, and respond to ICS/OT cybersecurity threats, safeguarding their core business operations. This enhanced security has strengthened alignment with stakeholders, enabling Koch to confidently deploy a range of AWS solutions into their environments. These include Amazon Lookout for Vision, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, Amazon Monitron, AWS Panorama, AWS IoT, and Amazon SageMaker.

Moreover, the Dragos solution streamlines compliance with audit programs, offering improved visibility across the OT environment. This ensures that the company meets its compliance obligations faster and more accurately, reducing the risk of regulatory issues.

The Dragos Platform is available on AWS Marketplace.

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