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Industrial Cybersecurity in the

Dragos tracked 28% more ransomware groups impacting OT in 2023.

The Dragos Platform, world-class services, and industry-leading threat intelligence ensure your cybersecurity team is armed with the most up-to-date defensive tools to combat adversaries. Dragos experts are on the front lines everyday hunting, combatting, and responding to the world’s most advanced threats on behalf of government and civilian customers and partners.

Industrial control systems can be found in nearly every critical infrastructure and industrial sector, including chemical facilities, pipelines, energy grids, data centers, transportation, and logistics. Protecting these systems against cyber adversaries is one of the most important aspects of mission success across U.S. government agencies. 

Founded by renowned industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) practitioners who have defeated adversaries for the U.S. government, ally nations, and global firms, Dragos is on a mission to protect civilization. We’ve been entrusted with the protection of key government facilities and high-consequence infrastructure throughout the world. We have been engaged in several critical projects with federal implications, including the recent Department of Homeland Security CISA performance goals and the launch of Neighborhood Keeper with the U.S. Department of Energy. Dragos has what it takes to help your organization fulfill its mission. 
Neighborhood Keeper

Neighborhood Keeper: Dragos and the U.S. Department of Energy Partner to Offer Collaborative Asset Identification, Threat Detection, and Collective Defense 

Neighborhood Keeper is a collective defense and community-wide visibility solution that provides a more effective industrial cyber defense by sharing threat intelligence at machine-speed across industries and geographic regions. It is a free, opt-in, anonymized information-sharing network available to all Dragos Platform customers. By participating, each organization’s defensive capability is made stronger than what they can achieve on their own. Learn more 
Neighborhood Keeper
federal government compliance and regulation

Visualize, Detect, and Respond: Threats Against Federal Agencies and Facilities

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Rest easy knowing your operational infrastructure is in good hands.

The Dragos Platform analyzes multiple data sources including protocols, network traffic, data historians, host logs, asset characterizations, and anomalies to provide unmatched visibility of your environment. You’ll rapidly pinpoint malicious behavior on your ICS/OT network, gain in-depth context of alerts, and reduce false positives – resulting in unparalleled threat detection. When a threat is identified, your team will leverage expert-authored playbooks to guide them step-by-step, decreasing response time and improving efficiency.

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Access expert insights from Dragos threat hunters and incident responders.

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture by understanding real-world threats, shared at machine-speed across the government and civilian industrial community. Dragos Worldview threat intelligence provides clearly articulated, specific information to help you mitigate threats and cut through the hype around vulnerabilities. Your team can easily and quickly manage the full lifecycle of the vulnerabilities that matter most in your environment, showing historical disposition through continuous, automated collection and analysis.


Make reporting requirements easier and more efficient, enabling you to prove compliance to new and evolving regulations.

Dragos professional cybersecurity services helps your team structure your cybersecurity program in an efficient, documented way so that it’s easier and faster to respond to audits. Our team can help you with penetration testing, tabletop exercises, incident response, and training – on-site or remotely. You’ll have a well-defined cybersecurity roadmap, enabling you to prove compliance to regulations and guidance like the CISA BOD, the TSA Pipeline Directive, and more.


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