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Join us Oct. 6 as Rockwell Automation & Dragos CEOs reshape the way you approach cybersecurity in manufacturing.

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Experience the Most Comprehensive OT Cybersecurity Platform

Confidently visualize your OT environment, identifying assets, threats, and vulnerabilities to your critical infrastructure.

See how companies use the Dragos Platform to:

  • Achieve comprehensive asset visibility with ICS/OT-safe protocols.
  • Improve threat detection using exclusive intelligence-based analytics.
  • Utilize expert-authored playbooks for an actionable threat response.
  • Reduce alert fatigue with composite threat analytics & custom reports.
  • Benefit from industry-leading performance with physical and virtual models that scale up to 10 Gbps sensors.
  • Partner with the unmatched expertise of the largest ICS team.
  • We are convinced that Dragos has significantly helped us increase our overall security posture – as well as our ability to provide the best service possible to our customers. We couldn’t ask for anything better.
Maritime Terminal Operator
Seth Lacy
Garrett Bladow
Mark Heard

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