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Industrial Cyber Risk Management

Assess your industrial cyber risk and confidently respond to cyber incidents.

Your Guide to Effective Risk Management

The potential for injury, loss of life, loss of intellectual property, and operational disruption are some of the risks you need to manage to protect your core business. Dragos offers ICS/OT cybersecurity solutions and expertise that can help.

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Comprehensive Asset Visibility

Get a clear view of your industrial assets to make better, more informed decisions about the security of your organization.

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Cyber Incident Response Planning 

Develop and document an incident response plan and assess its effectiveness.

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Vulnerability Insight & Mitigation

Learn how to effectively mitigate risk, reduce downtime, and allocate cybersecurity resources where they’re needed most.

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IT & OT Stakeholder Alignment

Learn how to align IT & OT security teams and operations leaders to strengthen organization communications and develop relationships.

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Improved Threat Detection

Increase the efficiency in how you detect and respond to cyber threats in your ICS/OT environments.

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An ICS / OT Partner You Can Trust

Our experienced team of ICS security practitioners can help you understand your unique environment and build an ICS cybersecurity program that’s right for you.

What is Industrial Cyber Risk? As industrial systems become increasingly digitized, so does the risk.


A Guideline for Operational Technology

Our guidelines for industrial cyber risk management distill industry best practices, frameworks, and standards into an approachable process for both novices and veterans of enterprise risk.


We were looking for a cybersecurity partner who could deliver a wider range of cybersecurity services and one who could work closely with our technical team members and really investigate the critical controls needed on the infrastructure side. This is what led us to Dragos.

Joe Reilly, Director of Operational Technology, Orlando Utilities Commission

See Why Dragos is Better Than the Rest

Learn why Dragos is the partner you can trust to help solve and protect against today’s industrial cybersecurity challenges. 

Get Your Cybersecurity Challenges Under Control

Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey we’re here to help.