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Defending your operations environment against ransomware and OT cyber threats

Cyber attacks targeting industrial infrastructure are becoming more frequent. Ransomware attacks alone increased 87% in 2022 over the previous year.

Source: 2022 Year in Review

Increasingly homogenous infrastructure along with greater connectivity have helped drive efficiency and automation in electric grids, oil and gas pipelines, water and wastewater, and manufacturing. Meanwhile, the growing number of OT threat groups and the massive increase of ransomware attacks targeting industrial infrastructure are impacting on organizations around the world. 

Wider avenues for getting into industrial networks and the prospect of repeatable attacks have improved the odds of a successful attack. Knowing how the opponent operates and how to defend against ICS/OT cyber threats is more important than ever. 

The ICS/OT Cyber Threat Landscape

From board rooms, to SOCs, right down to the physical facilities that power electric grids, oil and gas pipelines, water distribution, and the manufacturing industry, understanding the threat landscape helps drive more efficient security processes and stronger safeguards in industrial infrastructure. 

The 2022 Dragos ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review covers the latest vulnerabilities, threats targeting industrial environments, ransomware attacks, and industry trends from customer engagements worldwide.

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Leveling the Playing Field with Dragos

Staying ahead of adversary threats is not a solo mission. Industrial asset owners are painfully aware that carving a path starting from unknowns to securing a strong cyber defense is an uphill battle where time is of essence. Practically speaking, it can’t be done alone.

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Outpacing OT Adversaries

Get an early warning of threats hitting your IT network and stay on top of threat groups with ICS/OT capabilities. Know where to start when hunting for threats, planning your response, and closing the gaps on exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Detecting Threats to ICS

Pinpoint threats hitting your OT network using ICS-protocol aware technology, codified with threat detections for known and emerging threats. See the weak spots across OT networks and assets to improve your security posture.

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Rapid Response Retainer

Be prepared for cyber attacks at any time. Dragos’s experienced responders are equipped to investigate and respond to industrial cyber events. Respond quickly and recover confidently with an ICS-specific incident response retainer. 

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