Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Building Automation Systems (BAS)

With all of the benefits that smart building automation provides – reduced energy and operational costs, increased comfort and productivity – the connected nature of these Building Management Systems  (BMS) brings about new and unanticipated challenges. Whether you’re responsible for managing distribution centers, healthcare facilities or data centers, a determined adversary can infiltrate your building systems putting business performance and human safety at risk.

Our team’s 600+ years of combined experience hunting and responding to industrial attacks is codified throughout the Dragos Platform technology, so we can arm you to combat even the most sophisticated adversaries and protect the vitally important people and assets in your organization.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

Specialized protocols like BACnet and LonTalk can present critical security risks if not properly configured and defended. Our world-class threat intelligence team distills adversary behaviors, tactics, techniques, and procedures into regular reports, so you can stay one step ahead of threats they pose to your Building Automation System

Comprehensive Visibility, Threat Detection, and Response For Building Automation Systems

The Dragos Platform’s comprehensive asset identification, threat detection, and response software provides in-depth visibility of your connected assets, detects threats in your environment, and guides analysts step-by-step to investigate potential incidents

Prevent Significant Breaches with Proactive Defenses

Dragos’ cybersecurity services helps smart building owner-operators prepare for and respond to significant threats – no matter where you’re at in your journey – with assessments, threat hunting, penetration testing, tabletop exercises, incident response, and training

Proactive BAS / BMS Security Services


Identify vulnerabilities in your BAS-connected devices, applications, or networks

Penetration Testing

Learn how attackers move through Building Automation Systems by leveraging real-world adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures

Threat Hunting

Find undiscovered threats in your Building Management Systems and identify weaknesses in architecture, security controls, and policies

ICS Training

Learn actionable BAS cybersecurity skills in our 5-day course: Assessing, Hunting, and Monitoring ICS Networks

Responsive BAS / BMS Security Services

Rapid Incident Response

Stabilize your BAS networks with rapid onsite and offsite incident response support

Incident Response Retainer

Reinforce your response strategy with various retainer options with specific response time SLA commitments

Tabletop Exercise

Learn how an attacker would move through your BMS environment with a customized, consequence and intelligence-driven scenario

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