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The Dragos Platform

The Most Effective OT Cybersecurity Platform

Achieve unparalleled visibility into your OT assets, threats and vulnerabilities with the Dragos Platform. Enriched with industry leading threat-intelligence, the Platform was built by defenders for defenders, our platform delivers actionable insights to tackle any emerging challenge.


A Cybersecurity Platform Built for OT Environments

Our OT-native cybersecurity technology supports uptime and productivity in industrial environments. The Dragos Platform was built to monitor networks and detect threats without disruption, addresses vulnerabilities without shutdowns, and respond to adversaries confidently.

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Safe and superior asset visibility for OT environments; example of report in Dragos ot cybersecurity platform

Asset Visibility

Automatically discover and profile all assets in OT environments – OT system, IT, and IoT devices – to build detailed inventories and track changes efficiently. Our passive-first approach lays a foundation for a robust OT cybersecurity program aligned with operational requirements.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The Dragos Platform is the only OT cybersecurity solution to deliver OT-corrected and enriched vulnerability analysis with “now, next, never” guidance that lets you manage the full lifecycle of vulnerabilities in your environment.

Simplified and prioritized vulnerability management. example of report in Dragos ot cybersecurity platform
HMI Discovery Detected screenshot; example of report in Dragos ot cybersecurity platform

Intelligence-Driven Threat Detection

While other tools stop at anomalies and common IOCs, Dragos elevates detection with proprietary threat intelligence integrated into the Dragos Platform. Customers benefit from regularly updated modeling, configuration, and threat behaviors and IOCs based on real world activity from OT focused threat groups.

Response Playbooks

Simply launch investigations based on alerts and utilize expert-authored playbooks that guide your security team through every step. These playbooks are designed to reduce response times and enhance workflow efficiency, streamlining your security operations.

The industry’s most efficient ICS/OT investigation capabilities; example of report in Dragos ot cybersecurity platform
Neighborhood Keeper Summary Diagram

Neighborhood Keeper

Fortify your defense through shared intelligence of real-world threats and vulnerabilities that impact assets across the broader industrial community for a stronger collective defense.

OT Watch

Dragos OT Watch delivers the industries only threat-hunting-as-a-service, to actively hunt adversaries within a customer’s environment and provides critical escalations to add another layer of human protection.

A diagram depicting OT Watch from Dragos. OT Watch is a cloud-deployed managed asset visibility and threat hunting solution staffed by Dragos' team of skilled Industrial Hunters
A diagram of the Dragos Platform including OT Watch

Flexible deployment

Dragos supports flexible deployment options—virtual, on-premises, or cloud-based – for your unique environments. The platform provides centralized management and reporting capabilities across multi-site and mulit-organizations for enhanced security.

Built By Defenders, For Defenders

Deep Packet icon
At Dragos, asset visibility is only the beginning. We drill into ICS protocols to map vulnerabilities and offer alternative mitigations to patching with the goal of maintaining uptime.

cyber threat
Dragos threat detections are aligned to tactics and techniques in MITRE ATT&CK for ICS to provide deep context for threats and help reduce threat discovery time, false positives, and alert fatigue.

Dragos Knowledge Packs, delivered monthly, contain the latest IOCs, threat behaviors, analytics, and response playbooks to proactively defend your environment and respond to threats more efficiently.

What Our Customers Say

“What’s been helpful with Dragos is not just the technology, but the expertise that they bring to the table. Koch can now identify ICS/OT threats, rapidly pinpoint malicious behavior on their ICS/OT networks, provide an in-depth context of alerts, and reduce false positive alerts for complete threat detection.”
Gabe Green
CISO for Koch Industries
“We were initially focused on anomaly detection software and originally thought that we would benefit from the ability to see and react to alerts. But we quickly realized that the majority of those solutions just weren’t as mature as we needed. This awareness led us to consider OT visibility platforms in general, and the conversation pretty much started and stopped with Dragos.”
Electric and Water Utility
“With the visibility provided by the Dragos Platform, automated monitoring capabilities alert the security team to potentially malicious behavior between assets and communications, so they can rapidly investigate and respond before attackers can progress. Oil and Gas”
Oil & Gas

Strengthen Your Defense, Empower Your Team

Whether you're starting your OT security journey or bolstering defenses against critical threats, we provide the most effective solution and the experts to back you up.