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Bryan Rosander

Senior Software Engineer

bryan rosander bw headshot

Bryan Rosander is a Senior Software Engineer at Dragos with a background in Java and other JVM-based languages. He has a passion for open source software, distributed systems, Linux and containers. At Corvana, Bryan architected and implemented much of the microservice-based tech stack while deploying and maintaining both staging and production Kubernetes clusters and other AWS resources. He is a committer on the Apache NiFi project and has experience developing and using NiFi as well as Pentaho Kettle (another data integration platform).

Bryan graduated from the University of Florida with a computer science degree and from the University of Central Florida with his master’s degree in computer science. He’s a lifelong Floridian and enjoys the state despite (or because of) its quirks.

With 3 small kids, Bryan spends much of his offline time riding bikes, building Lego structures and engaging in Lightsaber duels. He also enjoys board games, the beach and watching rocket launches.

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