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Next-Generation Cybersecurity for Buildings

Today’s buildings do more than provide a comfortable place for people to live, work, or play. As the concept of a “building” is redefined, the next-generation building will need a highly trained and cyber-skilled workforce, supported by new technologies and tools to ensure the physical safety of the occupants and the cyber safety of the building control and tenant information systems.

In this whitepaper, presented by SANS, Fortinet, and Dragos, operational technology experts explore:

  • How new materials and construction methods increase the number of targets and expand the attack surface
  • The evolution of OT and IoT devices into enterprise building management systems (BMSs)
  • How zero trust architecture sets the foundation for access while protecting enterprise resources
  • What facility-related cybersecurity concerns need to be addressed with technical or procedural controls

Download the whitepaper now to improve the cybersecurity of the physical home of your operational technologies and industrial control systems.

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