Join us April 6th following up on Robert M. Lee's testimony during the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources Hearing.

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OT Cybersecurity Strategies for Executives

With the increasing frequency and severity of cyber threats, the risks to business continuity are growing. Organizations are developing more comprehensive plans to avoid these interruptions to their industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments.

Join the CISO of Rockwell Automation, Dawn Cappelli, and the CEO of Dragos, Robert M. Lee, to discuss where most organizations stand and where they need help. They’ll discuss:

  • Top cybersecurity risks for organizations.
  • How to educate the board on OT/ICS cyber risks and where investments are appropriate.
  • What organizations should have in place to secure industrial control systems.
  • Five important controls for a successful ICS security program.
  • How to identify sites for prioritization.
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