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Join Robert M. Lee on Dec. 8 as he shares strategies for effectively communicating with your board about the critical need for additional funding in OT cybersecurity.

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Cyber attacks on manufacturing companies and critical infrastructure threats continue to increase, and managing the operational risk associated with digital transformation is both a cybersecurity and operations challenge. Join Dragos, Deloitte, ServiceNow, and select customer CISOs for best practices to digitally transform manufacturing operations securely in today’s hyperconnected world.

Hear directly from this diverse team of experts innovating manufacturing operations and learn:

  • How to effectively manage OT cyber risk and maintain business continuity 
  • How to manage known vulnerabilities and threats to your manufacturing environment
  • How CISOs from several manufacturing companies integrated their OT / ICS security solutions
  • How you can see advanced solutions like the Dragos Platform work in a simulated manufacturing environment at the Smart Factory @ Witchita
Secure Digital Transformation in Action: Taking the Dragos Platform into the Smart Factory Read the blog

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