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Secure Digital Transformation in Industrial Environments

Enhance efficiency and competitiveness by securing your digital ecosystem.

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Industrial environments are undergoing a digital revolution – and OT cybersecurity is at the forefront

Digital transformation is reshaping industries worldwide, offering increased automation, data analytics, and connectivity. In industrial settings, this transformation promises improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced product quality. However, it also introduces new risks and vulnerabilities to industrial operations more than ever before, making operational technology (OT) cybersecurity a critical concern. 

Challenges in Securing Connected Environments

legacy system

Legacy Systems
Many industrial facilities operate with legacy equipment and systems that were not designed with cybersecurity in mind. Integrating these older systems with new digital technologies can create security gaps. 

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Supply Chain Risks
Industrial environments often rely on third-party suppliers and vendors for equipment and services. This dependence introduces additional cybersecurity risks, as a compromise in the supply chain can affect the entire digital ecosystem. 

interconnected systems automation ot cyber security

Interconnected Systems
The interconnectivity of industrial systems means that a breach in one area can potentially impact the entire operation. This interconnectedness poses challenges in isolating and containing cyber threats across both IT and OT networks. 

TAP/Packet Broker/Traffic Aggregator

OT Cybersecurity Awareness
Many industrial operators have limited OT cybersecurity expertise, which can lead to inadequate protection measures and responses to cyber threats that affect OT environments. 

How Dragos Can Help Secure Your Industrial Environment

The digital transformation of your OT environments requires operational technology cybersecurity expertise. Dragos is that expert and can partner with you to ensure the secure digital transformation of your industrial networks. Our OT cybersecurity expertise, trusted cybersecurity solutions developed specifically for industrial environments, and our unwavering commitment to understanding your unique needs empower organizations to embrace digital transformation confidently. 

The Dragos Platform is the cornerstone of your digital transformation security strategy

  • Get a clear and comprehensive view of all industrial assets within your organization – which is fundamental to understanding and securing your digital infrastructure.
  • Effectively manage vulnerabilities that have potential impact on industrial operations. Continuously monitor your industrial systems and networks to ensure suspicious activities are promptly detected.
  • Identify both known and unknown threats targeting industrial environments that may indicate a cybersecurity incident.
  • Isolate critical assets and systems from non-critical ones to limit lateral movement of threats within your network.
Threat Detection in the Dragos Cybersecurity Platform Animated
Incident Response with the Dragos Platform. dragos cybersecurity platform icon for industrial cybersecurity. Dragos platform, community defense, ot threat intelligence, and ot expert services for industrial cyber security

Our industrial cybersecurity services support the advancement of your OT cybersecurity program with architecture assessments, threat analysis, and proactive incident response planning.

  • Better understand your current cybersecurity capabilities, implement the right controls, and build your cyber resilience against adversaries.
  • Get expert guidance and OT cybersecurity tools to effectively prepare for, identify, contain, eradicate, restore, and learn from cyber incidents.
  • Benefit from custom solutions to fit the specific needs and requirements of your industrial OT environment.
  • Receive training and educational support to help build OT cybersecurity expertise within your security teams to better support your digital transformation initiatives.

Real-time OT cyber threat intelligence highlights emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and tactics used by threat actors targeting industrial sectors.

  • Leverage proactive threat hunting anad detection through the Dragos Platform to help to investigate and analyze potential cyber threats to your organization.  
  • Establish baselines of normal behavior in your industrial environment to trigger alerts that identify potential threats or anomalies quickly.  
  • Gain access to Dragos WorldView Threat Intelligence reports that provide situational awareness into adversary activity and vulnerabilities that impact industrial sectors. 
Real-time OT cyber threat intelligence

Dragos gives us the visibility we need to respond quickly in the event of a cyber attack... and helps us effectively, efficiently mitigate the risk and gives us the tools to recover our systems to a state prior to a cyber incident.

Shon Gerber

Five Critical Controls for ICS/OT Cybersecurity

The SANS Institute has developed five critical controls for ICS/OT cybersecurity to cover the basic requirements for all industrial organizations to use for alignment across IT and ICS/OT security teams. 

dragos 5 critical controls for ot cybersecurity diagram

Get Your Cybersecurity Challenges Under Control

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