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5 Key Questions to Accelerate Your OT Cybersecurity Program

As companies look to implement better cybersecurity programs for enterprise and industrial systems, they are flooded with options for different solutions.

Join experts from Dragos, Emerson, and McAfee to explore a programmatic approach highlighting five key questions for decision-makers to consider:

  1. What is a proven approach to implementing effective cybersecurity visibility, detection, and response enablement for OT systems and where should you start?
  2. What type of cybersecurity technology have automation vendors integrated into their ecosystem and why?
  3. How do users extract value from these solutions to prevent threats like ransomware?
  4. How can you bridge the gap between OT and IT stakeholders to build a unified, effective, and comprehensive program?
  5. What specific use cases demonstrate the value delivered when implementing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions?
An Executive’s Guide to Industrial Cybersecurity
Get what you need to know about operational technology systems and how to better secure them in this free guide from Dragos.
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