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01.14.20 | 2 min read

Dragos Joins the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA) as a Founding Member and Co-chairs New Event

We are pleased to announce Dragos has joined the International Society of Automation (ISA) Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA) as a founding member. From the beginning, our mission at Dragos has been Safeguarding Civilization; it is the core our foundation was built upon, which is why we have always been and will continue to be, proponents of cybersecurity awareness and readiness across all critical infrastructure environments. We realize this is not a job for one company alone, but rather, everyone entrusted to own or operate these facilities. 

The ISAGCA was formed to bring together industrial control systems vendors, end-users, system integrators, and solution providers who have a stake in Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity in an open, inclusive, collaborative body to address cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow. By sharing expertise and best practices, GCA members can gain the knowledge necessary to effectively train their people, validate their cybersecurity skillset, apply standards in a consistent fashion to protect their specific processes and leverage compliance programs to ensure the development of secure technology. As a lead up to this effort, the ISA and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) developed the ISA/IEC 62443 Series of Standards, the world’s only consensus-based cybersecurity standard for automation and control system applications. These standards define requirements and procedures for implementing electronically secure automation and industrial control systems and security practices, as well as assessing electronic security performance.

As a founding member, Dragos recognizes the critical nature of cybersecurity challenges and understands collaboration among companies is more effective than simply developing solutions and providing intel and services as a single vendor. We are honored to work alongside a number of industry leaders, such as: Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Rockwell Automation, Johnson Controls, and many other cybersecurity organizations focused on industrial cybersecurity. Leveraging our team’s decades of combined experience defending Industrial Control Systems environments, Dragos will play a leading role in continuing to help advance cybersecurity education, readiness, and knowledge-sharing in manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities and processes. This will be done by supporting the GCA’s mission of openly sharing knowledge and information to help companies and communities stay ahead of the threats to their facilities, processes, and communities and industries they support. Dragos will also support the development of best-practice tools to help industrial asset owners navigate the cybersecurity lifecycle–fostering a safe, sustainable, secure, and resilient state for OT environments to thrive and support current and future demand.

The ISA also selected Dragos to co-chair the Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Conference, May 12th-14th in Galveston, Texas. This new event brings together thought leaders and developers of the world’s only consensus-based industrial cybersecurity standards (ISA/IEC 62443), for a two-day conference focused on awareness and solutions for organizational threats and vulnerabilities with the implementation of a standards-based cybersecurity program. 

Topics covered at the ISA Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Conference include:

  • Industry/organization change management
  • Specific defensive measures implemented through people and processes
  • System design and architecture
  • Risk assessment and prioritization determination
  • Implementing a security development lifecycle
  • Relevant product/personnel certificate and certification programs
  • Cybersecurity in non-process (traditional) industry environments

Joining the GCA was a natural extension of the partnership Dragos has maintained with ISA to support the creation and industry-wide adoption of the ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards. Staff members, such as Jim Gilsinn, have co-chaired committees and working groups, as well as served in editing and liaison roles for over a decade, to help bring these standards to fruition–providing end-users and solution providers a common baseline for protecting devices, processes, systems, and facilities. 

Dragos also strongly believes education is the best first line of defense; as such, we leverage our team’s collective knowledge to teach the community via organizations like ISA and SANS that offer cybersecurity training and certificate programs to help our customers and community be more resistant to cyberattacks. These sentiments are echoed by Mary Ramsey, ISA Executive Director. “By pairing ISA’s standards with the real-world experience of companies like Dragos, we can make major strides in advancing cybersecurity.”

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Conference at: Conference Details Membership in the ISA GCA is open to any organization involved in industrial cybersecurity. If you are interested in participating, we strongly recommend visiting http://www.isa.org/isagca to learn more

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