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Garland Technology

Enhancing visibility, control, and cyber resilience across critical infrastructure networks.

Dragos and Garland Technology are working together to improve visibility and security throughout your network, regardless of your organization’s OT complexity.

Organizations can leverage Garland Technology’s visibility solutions to feed data to the Dragos Platform to help streamline security of the ICS/OT network infrastructures while helping to avoid operational impacts in legacy systems.

With this enhanced deep packet level of visibility across critical infrastructures, defenders can more competently protect their operations from potential disruption caused by threats and anomalies while improving their safety, reliability, and cyber resilience across their unique network infrastructures.

With This Partnership, You Benefit From: 

  • Comprehensive asset visibility supported by virtual or physical appliance options for deployment within hybrid environments, enabling detection of ICS/OT security threats regardless of the infrastructure used.
  • Minimized risk to your ICS/OT environment and the ability to better maintain optimal device utilization by transferring the monitoring demands to systems and devices that are not critical to the infrastructure.
  • Reduced network downtime and monitoring solution deployment time with easy inline deployment options that require zero configuration changes to existing infrastructure.
  • Easy configuration and deployment options, ensuring that network infrastructure reliability is maintained and implementation costs for monitoring solutions are minimized.

What the Dragos and Garland partnership has accomplished:

ICS Village: Gaining Visibility Into Your Critical Infrastructure

Join ICS Village as they demonstrate how companies with industrial control systems gain visibility by deploying OT Security tools with Dragos and Garland Technologies. Review how to overcome legacy equipment challenges, aggregate distributed networks, and how to launch a proof of concept design to quickly meet today’s requirements.

Learn more about Garland:
Learn how to better protect your ICS environment with Dragos and Garland.