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09.27.18 | 4 min read

Meet the Dragos Team in A City Near You

Dragos, Inc.

16 conferences to meet industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity experts in person.

Over the last year, the Dragos team has grown significantly, and we’re fortunate to have added to our repertoire of industrial security experts. Last week, we shared our latest “Meet the team page,” where you can learn more about our team members, read about their professional experience, and share in their personal interests.

The coming months are going to be a fun, busy time for the Dragos team, as our experts will have the opportunity to speak and educate the industry about ICS security at 16 different events. As we travel to a city near you, we invite you to help expand our community and meet our team at any of the upcoming events or conferences listed below!

We also invite you to schedule 1:1 meetings to discuss how Dragos’ industrial cybersecurity technology codifies advanced threat analytics to provide OT and IT practitioners unprecedented visibility and prescriptive procedures to respond to adversaries in the industrial threat landscape. To schedule a meeting at any of our upcoming events, please contact Joseph Trier directly at, @JosephTrier on twitter, or call at (855) 372-4670.

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