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Tyler Rieke

Senior Software Engineer

tyler rieke bw headshot

Tyler Rieke is a Senior Software Engineer primarily focused on supporting the Dragos Intel Portal. Previously he spent 10 years as a government contractor developing a cross-domain service, implementing solutions for a large data ingest and storage operation, and working as a full-stack developer on numerous web applications. A majority of Tyler’s experience is with Java-based projects, but he has picked up Rails, Node.js, and integrating with AWS over the past few years to support recent opportunities. He is always looking to learn new things to get the job done.

Tyler graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Computer Science. He has recently moved back to the Indianapolis area where he spends most of his free time chasing after his two young daughters. He enjoys watching and playing all sports but that is quickly transitioning to playing board games and teaching his girls to play sports.

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