Titus Jones

Senior Analytic Engineer

Titus Jones pulls from experience across a variety of areas from his time working in government and private security consulting, including penetration testing, defensive analytics, machine learning, SOC workflow, web development, threat intel, and strategic leadership. He constantly finds ways these different fields are interconnected, since they all relate to making organizations more efficient and effective in defending against threats. For him, one of the best things is figuring out a new way to improve automation and intelligence in the security workflow in ways that provide defenders with new insights and free them up to focus on “the hard stuff” of more complex analysis.

He and his wife really appreciate engaging with people of different backgrounds, often through international travel, and love being involved in the community of Baltimore City. Titus enjoys many things including sports, getting outdoors, and writing, but his favorite thing may just be hanging out in a chill setting with a few people for some good conversation.


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