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Team Member

Fabian Buentello

Senior UI Developer

fabian buentello bw headshot

Fabian Buentello is a senior UI developer at Dragos and is from Houston, Texas. With a background in iOS and Web development, Fabian is passionate about creating mobile and web experiences for users. Along with a desire to learn, he enjoys thinking of new, innovative approaches to solve already existing problems.

Prior to joining the Dragos team, Fabian primarily worked in the service industry building applications for clients in the enterprise space. Fabian is very involved in the startup community in Houston, where he got his start in software development. He is also a founding organizer of Houston’s top-tier hackathon, CodeRED.

When Fabian’s not developing, he enjoys running, playing basketball, and doing small DIY projects around the house. He is also not ashamed to admit he can spend hours watching videos on YouTube.

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