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Join us Oct. 6 as Rockwell Automation & Dragos CEOs reshape the way you approach cybersecurity in manufacturing.

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Securing Digital Transformation: OT Cybersecurity Innovation and Resilience

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Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we do business. Manufacturing, electric utilities, and oil & gas industries are modernizing their infrastructure to achieve greater sustainability and increased profitability. This transformation also means adapting to sustain and enhance cybersecurity ahead of the changing operational landscape and managing the cyber risk of their digitally transforming infrastructure.

AWS, Splunk and Dragos are at the forefront of this vision, jointly working together to ensure IT and OT environments leverage advanced analytics, cloud services & cybersecurity threat mitigation tools. In this industry panel, you’ll hear from leaders at Splunk, Dragos, and AWS about how they are working together to build resilient, secure and connected systems to meet the demands of our modernized infrastructure.

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