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Join Robert M. Lee on Dec. 8 as he shares strategies for effectively communicating with your board about the critical need for additional funding in OT cybersecurity.

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Protect Your ICS Environment from Ransomware with Risk Assessments

Ransomware has captured the attention of many due to its far-reaching impacts on industrial control systems (ICS). Once a problem that only affected IT infrastructure, ransomware that now targets ICS / OT can significantly impact or even shut-down control processing, logistics, distribution, and delivery of critical goods.

But, industrial asset owners and operators can stop ransomware before it becomes a problem. Learn how from Dr. Tom Winston, Director of Intelligence Content at Dragos, in this on-demand webinar where he shares insights on:

  • Ransomware trends and their impact on ICS
  • The emergence and disappearance of ransomware adversaries
  • A risk assessment metric to prevent ransomware
  • The role of classic math and complex systems theory
Assess the Risk in Your Environment
Analyze the complex systems in your OT/ICS environment with a methodology developed by Dragos in this free whitepaper.
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