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Industrial Cyber Threats in the Food and Beverage Industry: Trends and Analysis

  • The current threat landscape in the food and beverage industry: What threats are targeting food and beverage companies? What are the potential impacts? How can a food and beverage organization assess the “crown jewels” of its operation?
  • Protecting against ransomware: In 2021, ransomware was the number-one cause of compromise in the industrial sector, with manufacturing and food and beverage experiencing the highest volume of ransomware incidents. Several high-profile ransomware incidents victimized Global 2000 food and beverage companies, resulting in extended operational disruption and remediation costs.
  • Managing external connections: 100% of the food and beverage architectures that Dragos evaluated in 2021 had an external connection to Operational Technology (OT) from vendors, Information Technology (IT) networks, or the internet. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the threats targeting food and beverage companies and the potential impacts of those threats
  • Steps that food and beverage processors can take to improve their cyber defense and lower their cyber risk
  • How to manage external connections to OT/IT networks and the internet
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