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Join us Oct. 6 as Rockwell Automation & Dragos CEOs reshape the way you approach cybersecurity in manufacturing.

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Implementing A Defensible Architecture in the Power Industry

IT/OT Cybersecurity teams across the electric utility industry are tasked with assessing risk to their environments and adhering to audit and compliance programs. Mitigating these risks comes with various challenges through increased Industrial Control Systems (ICS) connectivity, unique protocols, legacy systems, and an expanding attack surface, as companies embrace digital transformation. 

To solve these challenges, OT cybersecurity teams are implementing defensible architectures to address the current threats landscape power industry organizations face and safeguard their critical assets. 

We will discuss the need for OT network visibility, identification, and asset inventory at critical sites, to enable organizations to understand their network architecture and better segment, prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats from moving unchallenged laterally through the network—all designed to ensure the uptime, resilience, and safety of industrial assets and personnel. 

Join Dragos and Palo Alto Networks for an interactive webinar to discuss:

  • Frontline perspective on cybersecurity threats and trends in electric utility environments
  • Implementing Defensible Architecture 
  • Importance of OT network visibility, identification, and inventory for the critical sites
  • Utilizing security and monitoring to enhance segmented environments

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